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Tyrone Arendse's home truths

Annalize Nel
home truths Tyrone Arendse's mid-century modern design collection takes centre stage in the considered interior of his Johannesburg apartment. We find out what makes him tick. The best thing about living where I do is being in an area that celebrates walking culture, with restaurants, bars, coffee shops and galleries all within walking distance. Luxury means having to only take my own tastes, opinions and needs in account. My style is better than it was in my twenties. I am inspired by unsolicited kindness and beautiful things that are fit for purpose. My interior motto is inappropriate for publication. The heart of my home is the space between my coffee machine and where I keep my coffee cups. An ideal kitchen is an unused kitchen. home truths I couldn’t do without high-speed internet and a well-stocked snack cupboard. My entertaining style is diminishing with age. In the fridge right now is sparkling wine, a selection of mixers and cat food. The best way to spend a weekend is dodging obligations. My favourite travel destination is New York / Tokyo. My secret talent is always having just enough tonic for one last G&T. I relax by remembering I don’t have kids. The best time of year is whenever my housekeeper returns from holiday. My favourite shop is Amazon. The soundtrack to the perfect weekend includes no audible children. I’m currently reading Colson Whitehead’s “The Underground Railroad”.
Find the full story in House & Leisure’s April 2017 issue.