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Talking trends with the team behind They’re Wonted

Siblings Daniella and Dillon du Plessis make up two thirds of the dynamic team behind They're Wonted, while Jessica Bennetto completes the trio. All about discovering relevant products, lifestyle movements and fashion news to spin their sartorial technique around, they've created a blog space that is as culturally nourishing to read as it is to look at. To get to know this trendy trifecta a little better, we sent a few questions their way. What was your motivation to create They’re Wonted? Our motivation stemmed from career changes. Dillon and Jessica recently sold their restaurant and Daniella stepped out of a job in production to try some things on her own. It grew from our desire to create, collaborate and document, in our own way, the things that intrigue us. An excuse to drink coffee together also might have played a small part. How do you go about sourcing the content you feature? Our process tends to be an organic one: we come together with ideas that are exciting us for the next week and we go from there. Current projects tend to influence the blog and vice versa. Our different loves come together in the pieces we create. You’ve all got varied tastes when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle – what do each of you bring to the blog that makes your presence on it unique? All of us enjoy pulling a brand's online story together or seeing a blog post come to life. Jessica is the classic soul who is so strong in her vision for what is right and wrong that she keeps us grounded. Dill has this unwavering sensibility and an artist's eye, and his need to stretch himself visually is unending. He is the driving force behind keeping our visual story beautiful and strong. Daniella is a lot of the energy and business drive in the project, pushing us to try different approaches. A prolific reader and our very own in-house trend analyst, her love of this blogging frontier has made her They’re Wonted’s head whip. With such a diverse selection of topics on your blog, how do you keep a curated feel to all of your social media channels? Perhaps a familial bond helps keep the aesthetic consistent. We are vastly different but have a very in-sync and strong vision for all of the social media channels; curated diversity is what we strive for. We all have input before a piece goes out, but Daniella is the main director of these channels. You’ve also turned the blog into a platform to showcase your content-creation abilities to potential clients. Keeping the business angle in mind, how do you think blogging has evolved from being a hobby to a career in the past few years? We found it evolved naturally as people (mostly business owners) came to us looking for solutions to manage their various online social media channels and keep their audience engaged with fresh content. An online presence is no longer a luxury, and bloggers can delve into your story and help to tell it. This shift in marketing and organic advertising has cemented blogging as a serious career. Bloggers have the power to tell stories and connect people. Connection to a brand, rather than being told what to do or buy, is what society relates to. What can we expect from They’re Wonted in 2017? On the blog, you can expect lots more exploration this year, whether it's heated debates, beautiful places or intriguing people. Towards the end of last year we launched Wonted Creates, our content-creation and digital marketing agency, and we are focusing on growing and developing our business this year. We want to use the blog as a platform to tell the stories of African people doing African things both locally and internationally. Visit for more.