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Take Home a Piece of Constantia Glen

Constantia Glen estate has published a stylish coffee-table book for wine lovers.

Craig Fraser

Constantia Glen | House and Leisure

There's something remarkably calming about sitting at Constantia Glen's tasting room, sipping an excellent glass of wine and admiring the spectacular view. The vineyards stretch out before you and beyond that you can see all the way across the Cape Flats to the Indian Ocean. It is one of those views you wish you could see every day – and a picture on your cell phone is not enough to do it justice. 

A book, on the other hand, very much could do so. And not just any book, but one all about the wine farm, filled with a variety of pictures of the things you know after visiting as well as plenty of the behind-the-scenes action that you don't usually get to see. Fortunately for us, this book now actually exists: Constantia Glen: A Timeless Vision is the perfect coffee-table souvenir that people who appreciate the farm or who are interested in wine general would love. 

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Constantia Glen | House and Leisure Constantia Glen | House and Leisure

While Constantia is the oldest wine producing region in South Africa, Constantia Glen is relatively new. Yet in a short time, the estate's owners have managed to put this boutique winery on the map – a journey that is something to be very proud of. The book is a way for the estate to honour the people who shaped it, and who help make it so successful.

Published by Quivertree, Constantia Glen: A Timeless Vision looks at every aspect of the farm, from its origins and wine making processes to the restaurant and its famous flammkuchen (German-style flat bread). It is a historical accout of the estate to date, and more than that, it's a celebration of Constantia Glen’s rocketing success.

Constantia Glen | House and Leisure

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Beautifully put together, the book doesn't read like a textbook full of facts, but rather, has a more poetic narrative that explores the very best of the farm. And the pictures, taken by award-winning local photographer Craig Fraser, are spectacular. Scenes of the vineyards in the morning light, sheep grazing in the fields, cooks making flammkuchen, people tasting wine – all of this and more,  is memorably illustrated in the book. Here is some more of the imagery you can look forward to: 

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