Sustainable cycling: Nespresso bicycles made from recycled coffee capsules

The coffee brand has taken recycling 'up a gear' and created Nespresso bicycles made from recycled aluminium coffee capsules, fitted with a capsule shaped bell and cup holder.


Nespresso Bikes


Committing to its recycling and sustainabiltiy goals, Nespresso has partnered with Swedish lifestyle bike brand Vélosophy to create RE:CYCLE, a Nespresso bicycle made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules.

More eco-concious individuals across the world are opting to use bicycles as their main form of transport. With Nespresso's new eco-concious biycle collabortation, they are creating new ways for commuters to reduce their environmental footprint and CO2 emissions. 

CEO of Nespresso, Jean-Marc Duvoisin comments on working with Vélosophy to create the innovative and enhanced eco-friendly bicycles. 

'Through our collaboration with Vélosophy, we're illustrating to coffee lovers the potential of recycling their aluminum Nespresso capsules. By using recycled capsules to make beautiful bicycles, Vélosophy bring sustainability and style together to create a truly meaningful experience, bringing to life the importance of recycling,' he said. 

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Nespresso Bicycle

As one of the world's most valuable resources, aluminium can be re-melted and re-used and unlike other plastics and materials its lifecycle is continuous. RE:CYCLE was designed with the framework of Vélosophy classic model and a strong influence of Nespresso's popular Arpeggio coffee.

The bright purple and sustainably produced RE: CYCLE is a clear example of circular economy design. 

CEO and founder of Vélosophy Jimmy Östholm says that the company's main aim is to make a positive impact on the world. 

'This purpose drives everything we do, from our promise to give a bike to a schoolgirl for every Vélosophy we sell, to producing our stylish city bikes from recycled aluminium. We are proud to have co-created a bike that takes on the future. It is beautifully desinged, responsibly sourced and sustainably produced.'

For each RE:CYCLE bike created, a second bike will be donated to a girl through the Wold Bicycle Relief. 

Nespresso Bike

With only 1000 RE:CYCLE bicycles made, this is an exclusive and tailor-designed item. The bike can be purcahsed through Vélosophy's website and is priced at an estimated R21 930. (excluding shipping). 

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Nespresso's commitment to recycling 

In 1991, Nespresso broke ground with their committment to sustainability and the envionment by establishing their first recycling scheme in Switzerland. The company invests over R500-million a year in the programme. 

A customised aluminium seperation machine is used to recycle used Nespresso capsules at Oricol's facility in Johannesbur. The recycled material undergoes a rigorous process to create new products. The coffee grounds found within the aluminum capsules are composted to produce a high-quality fertiliser for organic farming purposes. 

Locals are encouraged to return their used aluminum capsules to dedicated collection points at Nespresso Boutiques and Booths in South Africa.

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Nespresso bike