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SUPERWOOF Is Giving Cape Town’s Dogs Something to Bark About

SUPERWOOF, a new hotel especially for our four-legged friends, is every pawparent’s dream. In addition to offering a home away from home for beloved pets, SUPERWOOF is also an adoption centre.


A new dog hotel and adoption centre has opened its doors in the heart of Woodstock, Cape Town and offers a premium service for all canine companions. 

SUPERWOOF, which was started by Joanne Lefson who also founded Oscars Arc WOOF Project in 2017, is aptly named to match its aesthetics. 'SUPERWOOF is all about heroic proportions - and being inspired by the heroic positive theme, it only made sense to grab the imagination of those humans that drive past the towering building and feel uplifted when seeing the bright red, blue and yellow building! Its fun and happening, just like SUPERWOOF!’ Joanne explains. 


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As a six-star hotel, the centre has outdoor play decks, a WOOF Bar and a Dog Adoption Centre. The WOOF bar serves a number of ‘cocktails’ such as Itchy ‘n Scratchy Whiskey and Champaws along with a pool for dogs to dip into, creating the ultimate vacation experience for four-legged friends. 

General Manager, Bianca Couch, highlights some of the services available at SUPERWOOF. ‘One of the key services we offers is the 60 sec Drop ’n Fly, where you will find one our “Supermen” waiting for you in the mornings and evenings to ensure a super simple, effecient drop off and collection. In addition, we also offer grooming where you can book your dog in for a wash, brush and ultra relaxing 15 minute massage whilst enjoying a view of Table Mountain.’ 

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The hotel was established as a mechanism to help sustain the adoption centre. SUPERWOOF offers day and overnight stays at an affordable rate with a part of the fee contributing towards the WOOF project for shelter pups. ‘The organisation takes dogs from existing shelters and finds them homes through the dynamic pop-up containers in and around the Western Cape. The project needed a weekday Adoption Centre, situated in the centre of town, to make the collection from shelters and adoption more convenient for the public, but as a non profit organisation, we would never have had the long-term funds to sustain the new centralised location,’ Joanne says.  

‘The aim is to also encourage those that adopt to use the hotel and day care facilities - and for those that drop their spoilt dogs at the hotel, to swing by the Adoption Centre and adopt another dog - why not! Its a win-win for everyone,’ Joanne explains further.

Dog owners are advised that prior to bringing in their pup for a day or overnight stay they must comply with several requirements. 


How to adopt

Joanne explains how the adoption system works. ‘It is super simple. Visit the Adoption Centre or go online to see the available dogs at WOOF Project ( Simply complete the application and we will do a home check within 48 hours. Assuming all goes well, the dog is ready to be collected! All the dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized- and WOOF project offers satisfaction, guaranteed.’

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