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Spier Wine Farm Wins International Biodiversity Award

Spier Wine Farm has won acclaim for their ambitious indigenous replanting programme in the international Drinks Business Green Awards 2019

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Spier Wine Farm has won the prestigious Amorim Biodiversity Award at the Drinks Business Green Awards for 2019. The award recognises the wine farm's commitment to conservation and expanding the exisiting vegetation found on the farm grounds through its initiatives of proactive alient clearning and the replanting programme. 

In an official statement, the Drinks Business Green Awards 2019 shares that Spier Wine Farm was a strong entry and popular with the esteemed judging panel. 

'..the company “went above and beyond” in its plight to increase biodiversity at the South African estate, which dates back to 1692. Considering its ecosystems its “honoured first residents”, Spier is dedicated to conserving and enhancing sites on its farm that are rich in fynbos vegetation through replanting programmes.' 

The award ceremony was held at The Ivy in London earlier this month. The award is an international recognition for Spier's efforts in natural biodiversity. 

As one of the oldest wine farms in the country, Spier has been working hard to ensure the rehabiliation of its grounds by focusing on the indigenous plants on the farm.

This includes species such as Fynbos that form part of the Cape Floristic Region, which is the smallest and most diverse floristic kingdom in the world.   

Spier CEO Andrew Milne explains the importance in conservation of natural vegetation on the wine farm. 

'The Western Cape is following a near-global tend towards declining habitat ranges and decreasing biodiversity. Conversation and replanting at SPier is therefore providing the region with wider opportunities for the preservation of biodiversity within this extraordinary floristic kingdom at a time when it needs this boost more than ever,' he said. 

Not only is the wine farm committed to biodiversity but the environment as a whole as it recently implemented solar panels on the tasting room and hotel roofs to promote a renewable source of energy. 

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Spier Wine Farm Nursery 

With a team of 30 permanent employees dedicated to propagating, growing and reintroducing indigenous trees and plants that are endemic to the Western Cape, Spier is aiming to make a big impact on the South African environment.

The Spier Nursery team aims to bring life to endangered and indigenous plants on the farm. 

'Since 2012, the Spier Nursery has planted over 53 208 different trees, shrubs and fynbos on the farm. In the past two years (since August 2017), plantings totalled 14 474, of which 69% were trees, 17% fynbos and 14% shrubs,' said Spier Wine Farm in a statement. 

As a result of the replanting system, the area now welcomes a range of wildlife, which stands as testament to the efforts of the programme implemented at Spier. Part of the programme includes extensive clearing, cleaning and replanting along the Eerste River. 

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Spier Wine Farm


The Tree-preneur project 

Founded 10 years ago, the Tree-preneur Project aims to uplift individuals from impoverished areas by teaching them how to nurture indigenous plants. Once these plants are fully grown, they are able to be bartered for food vouchers, education fees and bicycles. 

Through the project, Spier has helped 259 Tree-preneurs in 12 communities in the Western Cape. 

'Tree=preneurs embody the philosophical understanding that human well-being is depending on environmental health,' said Milne. 

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