Spend The Night In The Downton Abbey Castle

Make all your Downton Abbey dreams come true: Airbnb is offering two guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the night in Highclere Castle. 


Downton Abbey | House and Leisure

Super fans of the renowned television series Downton Abbey will have the chance to spend the night in the Highclere Castle and experience life as a noble – albeit for one night only.

As the iconic location of the popular series, Highclere Castle will give the two guests the opportunity to experience what life might have been like for the Crawleys. 

The general manager of Airbnb Northern Europe says that Airbnb is committed to offering a wide range of experiences to their users, and Highclere Castle is just one very special example of this.

'We are thrilled to be able to offer fans the ultimate Downton Abbey experience through this once-in-a-lifetime-stay at Highclere Castle. At Airbnb we are passionate about offering unique and unforgettable travel experiences to our community, and we are certain that guests will have a magical experience while styaing on the iconic location of Downton Abbey.'

The launch of this exclusive offering is part of the celebrations marking the release of the Downton Abbey movie.

Bookings for the listing will open on 1 October 2019 at 12pm British Summer Time – that means at 1pm in South Africa. 

The Earl and Countess of Carnarvon and hosts of the Airbnb at the castle have also invited the two guests to join them for an exclusive evening of cocktails in the Saloon. After sipping on a range of delicious cocktails, guests will dine in the State Dining Room and be waited on by the Highclere Castle's in-house butler. 

Downton Abbey | House and Leisure


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Retiring to bed, guests will continue on their very special journey – spending the night in one of the principal bedrooms with an en suite bathroom and views over 1000 acres of rolling parkland and greenery. 

Downton Abbey | House and Leisure

As well as enjoying a scrumptious breakfast the following morning, guests will be taken on a private tour of the castle and its extensive grounds. Covering over 9000 square metres, Highclere Castle has a total of 300 rooms.

Each room is opulently decorated and furnished, with all the details in the rooms representing the long history of the castle. Guests will have the opportunity to explore popular rooms as featured in the television series, including the Drawing Room, Gallery Bedrooms and more. 

Downton Abbey | House and Leisure


Airbnb host Lady Carnarvon provides some insight in the history of the castle.

'It's an absolute privilege and pleasure to call Highclere Caslte my home,' she says, 'and I am delighted to be able to share it on Airbnb for a truly unique stay. Highclere Castle has been in the Carnarvon family since 1679 and has incredibly rich history. I am passionate about the stories and heritage of Highclere Castle, and I am looking forward to welcoming our future guests.' 

Downton Abbey | House and Leisure
Lady Carnarvon.


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Downton Abbey is an award-winning television series that first aired in 2010 and ended five years later. As a drama show, it gained much critical acclaim and received several awards, including being a nominee as the Best Television Series in the Drama category at the Golden Globe Awards.

The show focuses on a British estate 'played' by Highclere Castle, and centres on characters who live and work at the fictional Downton Abbey.  

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