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Six points of Window Style

There's something to be said for a well-framed view. Just as a frame might highlight a beautiful work of art, so your choice of window décor will impact on the view and importantly, let just the right amount of light in. We got chatting to Denise Sheppards from Finishing Touches to get a few pointers on what to consider when styling your window.


Before you get started, consider the theme of your room, the size of the window, and the colour of the walls, furniture and floor. Bright colours make your room more attractive and softer colours make small rooms look bigger.


The style of your curtains or blinds greatly enhances the look of your room. In choosing curtains, make sure that they correspond with the design of the room you’re going to put them in.

Focal point

If your room has no focal point, you can make one by covering your windows with attractive curtains. A focal point is the initial point of attraction when people first enter a room or apartment.


Curtains are available in various sizes and shapes so you can choose which is best suited for the size of your window. A general rule is that your curtains should be two-and-a-half times the size of the window you are covering. If you have a small window with not much light entering the room, you need to consider a simple light fabric that does not take away your light, or a Roman Shade that stack’s to the top rather than big heavy drapes. You could also make a small window look larger by extending the width of your rail. Depending on your budget you might consider a full rod with dummy curtains or reducing the fullness on your curtain.


For this, you will probably need to decide where you would like your curtains to end in relation to the floor and then you can get curtains of a corresponding length.


The fabric you choose for your curtains must go well with the theme and mood of the room. You should also consider what the room is used for. You should not use silk in a high traffic room and for a child’s room or play space, you should get a fabric that’s easy to clean. If you’re struggling to make a decision on how to style your window, you can contact Finishing Touches to assist you.   READ MORE: Do your trigonometry Aluminium window allure How to green your kitchen