Simple and Stylish Table Lamps

Stylish table lamps are essential to creating a layered lighting scheme, which is a key part of any well-considered interior space.

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There are few things more frustrating, in terms of interior design, than not being able to see properly in your space due to poor lighting. And then there's the other extreme, when you feel as if you are entering a sports stadium the moment the lights are turned on, which is probably almost as bad.

Lighting your home is an entire genre in its own for decor specialists and stylists. The general rule is that overhead lighting – and just overhead lighting – in almost any room is far too harsh and 'flat' to really ever be considered a good idea.

Stylish Table Lamps | House and Leisure

This is one of the reasons why dimmer switches are always a good option to include with your general lighting when getting it installed. Dimmable lights create a softer, cosier atmosphere when needed, and enable you to avoid that really harsh effect that strong lighting creates.

However, to illuminate a space well, you need to light in layers. This means having a range of sources that provide light from various heights, and that each deliver a different lighting strength. The main lighting source will probably be in the ceiling – and very likely, in the centre of the room – but this should be supplemented by a carefully considered selection of wall sconces, standing lamps and stylish table lamps.

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By using these layered light sources, you can create the type of atmosphere required for the time of the day, or the mood you want to achieve. 

Table lamps have a variety of functions. They can be used as reading lights or as mood lights, and can even be seen as a statement decor piece – a thing of beauty in itself.

Also, don't forget to consider different bulb strengths. For a reading light, you would want a brighter or stronger bulb, whereas for a mood light, a subtler bulb would be sufficient. 

Below, we've narrowed down a selection of a few quite simple, yet rather stylish table lamps, which can be easily purchased online via the links. 

A last tip: try to conceal the cable of a table lamp as much as you can. Either tape it down along a table leg, or hide it behind an object.

Stylish Table Lamps

Stylish Table Lamps | House and LeisureStylish Table Lamps | House and LeisureStylish Table Lamps | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Arc table lamp in Black by Fundi Light & Living, R999 | 
SHOP IT | Tripod table lamp in Silver by Fundi Light & Living, R1249 | 
SHOP IT | Upright metal table lamp in Black by Fundi Light & Living, R849 |

Stylish Task Lamps

Stylish Table Lamps | House and LeisureStylish Table Lamps | House and LeisureStylish Table Lamps | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Replica TK Nordic table lamp in White by Illumina, R1999 |
SHOP IT | Estosa table lamp in Steel by Eurolux, R1199 |
SHOP IT | Dundee Sandy table lamp in Cream by Eurolux, R745 | 
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