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Shop These Handmade Brass Beauties from Love Milo

The new brass collection from Love Milo is handmade and handbeaten, and will add a striking metallic finish to your home.


Local decor store Love Milo, known for its charming, nature-inspired designs, has just launched a brand new brass range. Items for sale in this new handmade and handbeaten collection include a tumbler, a tray, small and large spoons, a soya candle and bee pins. 

Even though brass and other metallic products have been featured on shopping pages and ranked top of trends lists for several years now, Love Milo owner and designer Nicki Ellis believes that metal accents will still enjoy a long life in the home. 'Metals such as copper are still very trendy, but I think many are looking to include more natural-looking metals as a way to get in touch with their earthy roots. Brass is a great way to affordably add a contemporary look in a laid-back style,' says Nicki. 

Love Milo's new range pairs really well with a variety of colours, as most metallics do. It is also very handy in terms of size, and pricing is reasonable considering these products are all handmade. The lovely tray and tumbler can be beautifully displayed, but are even better actually used – on your bedside table, in the bathroom for storage, in the kitchen or even in your lounge for TV remotes that every so often go missing when lying around. 

brass set love milo House and leisuresoya candle house and leisure
SHOP IT | Brass tray by Love Milo, R295
SHOP IT | Brass tumbler by Love Milo, R175
SHOP IT | Brass small spoon by Love Milo, R70brass large spoon by Love Milo, R140
SHOP IT | Brass soya candle by Love Milo, R250

Further news from Love Milo is the introduction of their Phoenix chair. This is a classic, comfortable armchair with oak legs and upholstered in a choice of three hand-printed cotton canvas Love Milo fabric designs. 

Phoenix love milo chair house and leisurelove milo Phoenix chair house and leisurelove milo phoenix chair house and leisure
SHOP IT | Phoenix chair in Dragonfly fabric by Love Milo, R3 500
SHOP IT | Phoenix chair in Branch fabric by Love Milo, R3 500
SHOP IT | Phoenix chair in Triangle fabric by Love Milo, R3 500