Shop A Scented Candle For Summer

Often considered a final touch for your home only in cooler weather, we think a scented candle is a year-round essential. Shop our summer suggestions here. 

Logan Nolin/Unsplash, Supplied

While they are often thought of as the perfect final touch for your home during the winter months (adding a touch of hygge, and all that...) we think a scented candle is are an all-year-round essential. 

In summer, flower fragrances really come into their own for interiors, and if you're not a fan of the floral, go for a touch of freshness with citrus scents such as lime or lemongrass. Remember that you can burn two different candles to create your own bespoke blend. Just test it carefully before your guests arrive to be sure that the scents really do work well together!

And for the iconoclasts out there, a slightly masculine, woody fragrance – such as that generated by the Malin + Goetz tobacco-leaf candle below – is also the perfect complement to the mood on a warm summer's evening.

Last but not least, a reminder that a scented candle makes the ideal hostess gift, so with the summer party season upon us, it's an excellent idea to stock up on a few options such as the disparate but delicious fragranced treats we've selected here.

Four scented candle options for summer

Scented Candle | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Frangipani scented candle R430, Cécile & Boyd

From its humble beginnings as a lifestyle store, Cécile & Boyd has grown to encompass interior design, architectural concepts and creative direction. But they also have some exquisite homeware products, including this luxurious handcrafted scented candle, which has a rich, exotic frangipani scent and lengthy burn time.

The rich, tropical fragrance of this candle will instantly transport you to an exotic locale... and it's available at the Cécile & Boyd shops in Durban and Cape Town, as well as online.

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Scented Candle | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | No 51 scented candle in Lemongrass R220 (255g)

This bright and cheerful lemongrass candle is an instant mood lifter – perfect for use during the day and very refreshing. We also love the smart lidded design, which prevents the candle from accumulating dust and dirt on its surface when not in use.

Scented Candle | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | Orange Blossom scented candle by Jo Malone London R950 (200g), Woolworths

Jo Malone candles need no introduction – they are pretty much synonymous with excellent fragrance quality and burn time – and their enormous 2.5kg candles have to be on every serious hedonist's wish list.

Consult one of the experts in their stores about doing your own blend of fragrances at home using more than one of their candles as they will be able to tell you which ones work best together.

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Scented Candle | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | Tobacco scented candle by (Malin + Goetz) R900 (260g), Maison Mara

(Malin + Goetz) are brilliant at creating unusual scents that appeal to those with a slightly off-kilter approach to fragrance, and their tobacco scented candle is probably our favourite – but be warned, its smooth, subtle smokiness pairs so well with several of their other fragrances, you could well end up with a veritable candle library on your hands... in a good way, of course.

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