These decor items – inspired by the works of internationally acclaimed artist Yinka Shonibare – are all about a bright blend of prints and patterns.

Shop Prints and Patterns Inspired by Yinka Shonibare


From Trafalgar Square in London to Midtown Manhattan, the internationally recognised artist Yinka Shonibare's work has been exhibited around the world. His powerful images and installations reflect on issues of globalisation, identity, culture and mobility. 

In South Africa, you can catch some of his more recent work at the Norval Foundation, where his monumental sculptural work, 'Wind Sculpture' (pictured below), currently forms part of a larger show entitled Trade Winds, which is on exhibition in Gallery Nine and the outdoor Sculpture Garden. The show will run until 23 September 2019. 

Shonibare was born in London and raised in Nigeria. He is currently developing a residency programme in Lagos, where artists will be able to live for a few months while creating work and being inspired by the country and its people.

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'Wind Sculpture' gives the visual impression of a piece of fabric blowing freely and peacefully in the wind. It inspired us to create a bold, primary colour-infused virtual shopping cart containing loads of lovely prints and patterns that you can purchase.

These include exuberant Skinny laMinx designs and other homeware pieces that introduce an element of colour blocking to interior spaces. Adding even just one of these items will mean an instant jolt of positive energy for your home.

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Prints and Patterns | House and Leisure

Shop prints and patterns in bold, bright, feel-good colours

Prints and Patterns | House and Leisure
Hula stool in Yellow with Blue fringing by Douglas and Douglas, R5 600 | Design Store
Prints and Patterns | House and Leisure
Breeze tray, R470 | Skinny laMinx





Prints and Patterns | House and Leisure
Barrel side table, R1600 | House of Sofia
Prints and Patterns | House and Leisure
Arrow Sulphur scatter cushion by Grey Gardens, R299 | Superbalist
Prints and Patterns | House and Leisure
Pinny pair (includes a full-sized crossback apron as well as a mini apron for a child) in Sunshine Persimmon and Sunshine Gold, R990 | Skinny laMinx
Prints and Patterns | House and Leisure
Phone bag in Spring Blue, R780 | Zana