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When is your new issue available?
The October issues will be on shelf from 24th September 2018. The magazines are packaged in brightly coloured bags with a QR code with the words 'Ready To Shop' on.
I can’t find your new issue in xxx store.
Look out for the magazine in a yellow bag with a large QR code with the words 'Ready To Shop' on the front. The name of the magazine will be above the QR code.
What is on the cover of your October issue?
We have placed the magazines in bags with a large QR code printed on the bag. Within the bag is the October issue.
How do I scan this code?
Follow below steps to scan the QR code with your mobile phone:
    • Find the QR code reader on your Facebook app by searching for 'qr code scanner' within the Search bar at the top of the page.
    • Select the result: 'QR Code'.
    • Hold your phone over the QR code.
    • The scanner will automatically scan the QR code and take you to a video about our new 'Ready to Shop' offering.
I can’t find the basket in your shop
We currently don’t have basket functionality in our shop. When you select a product to purchase, we re-direct you to the e-commerce site of the retailer in question. The retailer will then handle the fulfilment process including the basket.
Why can’t I check out in your shop? 
We currently do not handle the payment or fulfilment process, so there is no check out functionality. Fulfilment including payment is handled by the retailers in question when you check out on their site.
How do I shop your store?
- Via current website (online):
  • within the top navigation bar menu, click on the ‘shop’ button (top right)
  • click on one of the articles
  • click on a product within the article. This will take you to the product detail page within the House and Leisure shop.
  • Selecting the ‘BUY NOW’ button next to the product will re-direct you to the e-commerce store of the retailer in question
-  Via print:
  • Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code of a shoppable product via your Facebook app
  • You will then be directed to that product within our shop
  • Click on 'BUY NOW'
  • See product on retailer site, select size/colour etc & check out
How long will it take for my package to be delivered?
Fulfilment is handled by each retailer. In general delivery takes between one to two days, but for an exact timeframe please check the specific retailer’s website.
How do I log a return/refund? 
You will need to contact the retailer directly as Associated Media Publishing does not handle returns and/or refunds.
My package is late, who do I contact?
You will need to contact the retailer. Contact details are normally supplied on your invoice or proof of receipt of payment sent to your email address by the retailer.
The product in your shop is out of stock where can I get it?
At this stage we currently do not have sight of what is in/ out of stock. Please look on the retailer site in question for stock availability.
The price is different in your magazine/shop than on the retailer website…
Prices displayed across all our online channels are prices that are received at the time of going to print/going live.
What is the use of this shop if I can just get what I want on the retailer's website? 
The House and Leisure shop is expertly curated by our brand teams – by scanning or clicking on a specific product featured we’re helping you to directly find a product and enable you to purchase it easily.
Will there be a fee for using this service?
Associated Media Publishing does not charge a fee, however, please familiarise yourself with the retailers in question in respect of fees for example Delivery.
Reader looking for more information about a product or I have queries/problems.
    • If product information is not provided within our shop, there should be more information about the product on the retailer’s e-commerce site.
    • Refer to retailer as appropriate
Reader looking for tracking codes? How can we assist?
Please deal directly with the retailer in question for tracking the delivery of your product.
Readers wants to cancel an order.  How can we assist?
Orders will need to be cancelled via the retailers’ cancellation policies and procedures.
The QR code does not work, how can I get to the product I saw in the mag?
Apologies for the inconvenience. You can either search for the product in our online shop or contact us on 021 464 6200.
Is the payment method safe?
Checkout and payment is handled by the retailers. Each retailer will have their own payment security implemented.
External brand link is not working, who can I contact/how can I shop?
Thanks for letting us know. We will follow up with the retailer and rectify soonest. You can also search directly for the product on our sites by clicking on SHOP, then the product category (for example BATHROOM) and thereafter Search for the product.
Where can I find similar items?
Within our shop product detail page there is a 'You May Also Like' section that showcases similar products.
Can I wish list items?
Unfortunately currently you can not.
Why can’t I see the products when I click in the SHOP tab on your website?
The SHOP tab in the main navigation will show you content pieces containing different products. To search for a specific product – click on SHOP in main navigation, then on a Product category – and then type the name of the item in SEARCH icon bar.