Shop The City: Seoul

Infused with green spaces and Neo-futurism, we look to Seoul for inspiration for our living rooms.

Storm Ross
Delaunay Quilt Chair designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti


From its first origins, the city of Seoul spans over two millennia creating a complex metropolis that has the old world intermingled with the new. It's a city forging ahead with green spaces, 'Urban regeneration’ and neofuturistic architectural designs while holding it's traditional and cultural buildings, arts and cuisine at the heart of it's soul. We take inspiration from this dynamic city and look for a fresh, modernistic pallette and style that has green on the mind and a style that looks forwards but that remembers the past.


SHOP IT | Ant Chair R 2 245.00, Elevenpast
SHOP IT | Small Green Pendant R850, Elevenpast
SHOP IT | Marble Top Coffee Table R12 500, Design Store


SHOP IT | Shamrock Tea Pot R375 and Mug R55, Weylandts
SHOP IT | Seoul print skyline earth tones 1 from $8.00, Art Prints Vicky
SHOP IT | Green Tripod Bowl R 350.00, Elevenpast


SHOP IT | Black Single Stem Curve Vase from R619, Lim
SHOP IT | Sherpa Rugs from R5100, Hertex Haus
SHOP IT | Breton Standing Lamp R3490, SHF