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Shape a Siblings' Sanctuary

Katia Lekarski, the owner of children's boutique Collerette, transformed a dull, dreary room into a charming sanctuary for siblings complete with pine bunk bed installations, cork pinboards, plants and natural fabrics. Here are five tips to follow if you too want to set up a beautiful shared bedroom for your children.

1. keep things neutral

When children share a room, it's difficult and costly to create two separate looks to suit each of them in a single space. For this reason, it's best to keep the furniture and the bulk of the room as natural and neutral as possible - this then serves as a great canvas to build upon.

2. differentiate each child's side with small details

Different duvet covers, pillows, soft toys, scatter cushions, bags and stationery can be used to distinguish one sibling's part of the bedroom from the other's while also allowing each child to express their unique personalities within a shared space.

3. use space wisely

Siblings' bedrooms can quickly become crowded, so it's important to utilise space correctly. The custom-made bunk beds used in this transformation lift the sleeping area off the floor so that there's space beneath this for a desk and play area - this frees up a lot of room and allows for clever storage possibilities.

4. make the most of the ceiling

Because space is at a premium and it's not possible to have side tables next to the elevated beds, hang pendant lights and plants from the roof as a practical and aesthetic solution. These serve as alternatives to the kinds of items you would normally keep next to the bed.

5. invest in resilient flooring

A shared kids' bedroom is likely to receive plenty of foot traffic, so make sure you install flooring that can withstand lots of back and forth. Wooden flooring, as opposed to carpets, requires less maintenance, will survive the test of time and will give the room a timeless look and feel.





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