Rolling Vine: Music and Wine Pairing in Franschhoek

Good wine plus a great playlist equals an experience of note. Here's how a small winery in Franschhoek created a unique experience combining music and wine that you have to try.

Supplied/ Black Elephant Vinters

Black Elephant Vinters


Black Elephant Vinters hosts a wine and music pairing that allows visitors a truly unique and engaging experience of their wines. 

Located in the quaint town of Franschhoek, Black Elephant Vinters is an independent wine producer that crafts a range of premium wines from selected wineries and vineyards in the area. 

Cofounder of Black Elephant Vinters, Kevin Swart explains that there were two factors involved in the creation of this experience: 

'The first is a dedication to my father and his favorite song, Amazing Grace. My brother Darryl was in a local band called Tree63 and he plays a recorded live version [of Amazing Grace] from one of their concerts... The second is having read the story of Heston Blumenthal's 'Sound of the Sea' dish that he serves at his Fat Duck restaurant where he gives guests an iPod with music of seascapes to create an experience.' he said. 

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Black Elephant Vinters also have silent discos (either inside or outside) where patrons are more free to move around and enjoy their wines.

'We tend to remember the experience much longer than we remember the taste. We try to create a wine experience and not a tasting.' adds Swart.

Black Elephant Vinters

The founders of the brand have paired each wine with a specific song based on its personality. 

For example, this nice Sauvignon Blanc is paired with 'Fun Fun Fun' by The Beach Boys. '...Two Dogs, a Peacock and a Horse Sauvignon Blanc, which we call the cheerleaders, always the centre of attraction at pool parties and fun events, requires no intelligence to have fun,' explains Swart. 

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The experience costs R360 per person and is credited against purchases of R500 per person or more. Lasting an estimated two and a half hours, the music and wine pairing is a  must-visit when in the Franschhoek winelands. 

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