Responsible Foraging with Roushanna Gray of Veld and Sea

Mindful and mystical, Roushanna Gray founded her wild food foraging brand Veld and Sea to create an educational and immersive space.

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Responsible Foraging with Roushanna Gray of Veld and Sea | House and Leisure

Roushanna Gray is the founder of wild food foraging brand Veld and Sea, which she created as an educational and immersive space for exploring alternative, all-natural ingredients. 

Roushanna Gray's Body of Work 


I use my mouth to taste and teach, and to convey knowledge and information in a succinct and effective manner so it may be remembered and passed on. I use it when I forage, to find the best food to use when I work. This includes anything wild, fresh, seasonal, delicious and covered in edible flowers. 

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My ears are for listening to questions and stories, and are essential for communication in a team. I like to create Spotify playlists and play them according to how I’m feeling. I have everything from Wild Child to The Wood Brothers in ‘Folky Tunes’, Michael Kiwanuka to Dojo Cuts in ‘Evening Music’, and The Beatnuts to The Pharcyde in ‘Watch Out Now’. I also have playlists for all of my Veld and Sea workshops to set specific moods. But my best ideas always happen in silence – when I’m putting my children to bed, driving alone along a coastal road, or walking in the mountains.

Responsible Foraging with Roushanna Gray of Veld and Sea | House and Leisure


I’ve always connected to food through my hands. Growing up in a multicultural kaleidoscope of a family, we ate breyani with our fingers at Eid, scooped gefilte fish dip up with matzo crackers at Passover, and searched through a slice of pudding for coins at Christmas. I use my hands to connect with the landscape by swimming, feeling the textures of plants and seaweed, picking flowers, surfing, planting, beach-combing, harvesting, creating natural plant dyes, making sandcastles with my kids, weeding, weaving flower crowns, climbing a mountain... all of this is linked to my work.

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These take me everywhere I need to be – through the fynbos, up forest trails or across rocks in tidal pools. The rhythm of the seasons is everything and ever-changing. Wild foods have microseasons you need to tune into. I’m barefoot in summer and have boots on in winter.


When I’m teaching, you can find me in a rockpool, up a tree or in a bush of succulents. I walk and talk, I’m up and down, but I prefer to cook and create sitting or standing still. I used my legs the most during raging wildfire in November 2017, which surrounded the nursery where I live and work. After the blaze, I explored the new moon landscape every single day that the wind wasn’t blowing. I walked up the mountain and zigzagged all over the surrounding land, getting to know the new terrain. I was like a ship lost at sea with no plants as landmarks until they started to grow again.

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