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Remote control

It's no longer unusual to use your phone to take a family snap, navigate to an address, store your emails or even do your banking, and thanks to technology homes are fast becoming the latest haven for convenient adaptations to improve your lifestyle. Think intuitive sensors that trigger the heating when they detect you are an hour away from home, or which close the blinds and turn on the lights when the sun goes down. These and other developments are exactly what we'll soon see in our homes. Systems that simplify or remove admin from our lives are becoming increasingly attractive and necessary. Much like smart phones, smart homes aim to make everyday tasks less time consuming and less complex for the user. The concept is known as home automation and it aims to create an adapatable centralised system which you can use to control the aspects of your home remotely. 'The need for smart homes with fully integrated home automation, home cinema, acoustic solutions and the like have been catching on over the last couple of years,' notes BNC Technology founder Nick Caripis of the current trend that's hitting SA shores too. technology2 While the days of sensor-driven automation are in the not-so-distant future, home automation currently runs based on a remote system which allows you to control a variety of features, such as your home security, entertainment systems or even your heating/cooling systems with the press of a button from anywhere in the world. And the good news is that aside from helping to enhance your own home experience, these features are known to improve your home's market value.

Check out this handy video on what it means to automate your home