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Refresh Your Bathroom

Graeme Wyllie
HL Decor Editor Leana Schoeman was recently tasked with helping to breath new life into an old outdated bathroom. We chat to her about the makeover and ask her to offer insights for anyone looking to do the same in their own house. What was the inspiration behind this bathroom makeover? The bathroom was really crummy and outdated and even the fittings needed to be replaced, so we decided to update the entire space with printed tiles and stick to neutral, timeless grey tones. Why did you go for these particular tiles and fittings? The client wanted patterned tiles and we decided to go for something subtle as the space is quite small and a bold pattern would have been too much. We chose fittings that were modern and would compliment the space aesthetically and that were also more compact and well designed to save space but still be functional. What are some of the main challenges involved in making over a bathroom? I would say plumbing is the main challenge, so I would suggest that you rather spend a little more on a highly qualified plumber and know that the job is being done properly than try to save on installation. It’s also important to make sure that you plan the space efficiently and ergonomically so that it is comfortable and caters to your needs. BathroomMakeover600 Why is it important to refurbish your bathroom from time to time? To ensure that the property maintains its value and also to prevent the bathroom from dating and becoming unsightly with faulty fittings that would become more expensive to fix the longer you delay renovating. What are a few simple changes that anyone could make to breathe new life into a dull bathroom? The easiest change is to add plants that suit the environment. Otherwise, a new blind could make the space feel updated, solving storage issues can make a massive difference and a regular de-cluttering is also essential. New towels and bath mats make any bathroom better, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way and a beautiful round mirror makes a space feel much bigger. Take a look at page 28 of our November 2015 issue to get a list of the products used in this makeover along with their prices.