A Quirky and Colourful Apartment in a Contemporary Art Deco Building

Situated in Tuynhuys this apartment reflects the bold and creative sensibility of two siblings that have created a haven to call their own. 

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Tuynhuys | House and Leisure

For brother and sister, Tom and Lucie de Moyencourt, it all started with some vintage Knoll. ‘The [building’s] windows are rounded; the facade is rounded. It can sit in any space. I think it will age beautifully. Same with vintage Knoll,’ says Lucie, as she gestures to the classic Tulip chair and table in front of the curved window.

Tom and Lucie bought their first property, studio 303 of Tuynhuys, as an investment piece for short-term rentals.

Their individual life paths currently take up more space than the 34m² studio apartment can provide – which Lucie cites as the reason neither of them lives there – especially since she is just starting her own family.


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Tuynhuys | House and LeisureTuynhuys | House and Leisure

Even so, Tom and Lucie have designed the interior with themselves as the clients in mind. ‘It’s our first flat ever, so we definitely wanted the chance to decorate,’ says Lucie

‘Tommy and I grew up in old houses with antiques,’ she explains that buying a brand-new flat felt quite strange and clinical to them at first.

Their Tuynhuys interior cultivates a delicate balance between the newness of the architecture and the oldness embedded in the histories of the antique furniture elements, creating the kind of place they could associate with home. ‘For us, lived-in means a bit of old, a bit of new,’ she says.

Tuynhuys | House and LeisureTuynhuys | House and Leisure

This is an interior lovingly built up by a family who spent time collecting and restoring items that were special to them. The siblings’ father, who owns an antique store in Woodstock called Haute-Antique, contributed many pieces to the design, some of which he had been saving for them for years.

The golden curtains are one such feature in the apartment. They were carefully sewn together to blend the faded and unfaded portions of a thick, vintage 1940s fabric, originally hand-embroidered in South Africa.


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Tuynhuys | House and Leisure

The pair aren’t afraid of colour. From the curtains to the reupholstered cushions and the repainted kitchen shelves, yellow gradually emerged as a hue of significance. ‘The yellow trunk really took it to the next level, though,’ says Lucie (‘Oh, now we’re a colourful flat!’).

Whether in Lucie’s ink paintings that adorn the walls, or the giant delicious monster she describes as ‘Tommy’s baby’, or the furniture they found together, there is a part of both Lucie and Tommy that dwells within these walls. 

Tuynhuys | House and Leisure

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