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Quiet Opulence: The Interiors of Clifton 301

Combining a rich, earthy palette with luxe materials and bespoke designs, the interior of Clifton 301 is the epitome of laidback sophistication.

Niel Vosloo, Peter Bruyns, Adam Letch
Clifton 301 | House and Leisure
The living space opens out onto an expansive terrace with breathtaking views. The sofa and sidetable were both custom-made by OKHA for the apartment, and the Artists armchair, standing lamp and glassware are all also from OKHA. The painting is by Mr Madaco, and the patio furniture is from Weylandts.


Clifton 301 is a two-bedroom apartment in a sophisticated contemporary complex designed by SAOTA, with interiors created by renowned Cape Town interior design firm OKHA.

Flanked on either side by Table Mountain’s legendary Twelve Apostles, Clifton 301 looks out over panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and is equal parts luxurious getaway, relaxed coastal retreat and entertainer’s dream.

Clifton 301 | House and Leisure

The architects designed the complex with deliberately pared-down, monochromatic interior shells. Not only was OKHA responsible for the interior decoration of the Clifton 301 space, but also designed key items of bespoke handmade furniture throughout the apartment.

Clifton 301 | House and Leisure
In the dining area, the Bison dining table and Tofu dining chairs are by OKHA, as is the Port mirror and the custom-designed server. The pendant light is from Maxim.


'Our first objective was to individualise the space by modulating the internal colour palette,' says OKHA director Adam Court. He and the OKHA team set about customising the interiors of Clifton 301 to create cool and restful indoor spaces in contrast to the bright, sunlit exterior.

Clifton 301 | House and Leisure
On the terrace, the custom-designed table is by OKHA, and the patio chairs are from Weylandts.


'We used subtle shades of green with delicate natural tonalities that reference the local landscape,' says Court.

Clifton 301 | House and Leisure
The Artists armchair, glassware and Port mirror are all from OKHA, while the granite-topped sidetable is a custom-made OKHA piece created for this space. The pendant light is from Maxim.


Table Mountain’s famous granite, fynbos and dappled woods are evoked throughout Clifton 301 in a rich, raw palette of natural timbers, stones and metals, which are contrasted with plush velvets and linens on the walls, floors and furniture coverings, resulting in what Court refers to as a contemporary 'quiet opulence'.

Clifton 301 | House and Leisure
In this bedroom, a Sculpt mirror in copper from OKHA creates a gleaming focal point. The Icuuci table lamp and custom-made bench and bed are also by OKHA.


'These shades are repeated in the furniture with a strong emphasis on textures and materials,' he says.

Clifton 301 | House and Leisure
The study features a custom-made desk, as well as a She standing lamp, GT timber armchair and accessories, all by OKHA. The painting is by Mr Madaco.


When it came to designing the custom furniture pieces for Clifton 301, Court says, 'The designs are pared-back and lean, focusing on strong forms and shapes that communicate simply and directly. All the artwork, accessories and objects are from Cape-based artisans and add an essential level of layering and local character.'

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Clifton 301 | House and Leisure
The second bedroom is furnished with a custom-made bed by OKHA, which is teamed with a Frame Flat table lamp and bench also by OKHA. The bedside pedestal and bed linen are from Weylandts.


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The materials and finishes used throughout Clifton 301 are also all about subtle but serious luxury.

Dream Emperor marble and Absolute Black granite tabletops are paired with steel bases in the side, coffee and balcony tables.

The dining table, barstools and server are hewn from carbon-stained wire-brushed ash timber, which is also used in the frame of the signature OKHA Port mirror, which, with its copper framed recessed mirror panels, carries the nautical tone of a ship’s circular windows.

Clifton 301 | House and Leisure
OKHA's Port mirror catches the eye in the dining area. The server is a custom-made piece, also by OKHA, and the Bison dining table and Tofu chairs are from OKHA as well.


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'The palette is intentionally and carefully controlled and restrained to embrace the everchanging colours of the sunrise and sunset, which are the real centrepiece and art show,' says Court.