Quick Lighting Updates For Your Home

From table lamps to wall lights and pendants, we've got you covered with solutions for quick and easy lighting updates for your space.


What's the easiest way to give your interiors a stylish update?

Of course, the most budget-friendly options are what the design trade calls 'smalls': scatter cushions and throws, or perhaps a bright new tablecloth, or a pair of colourful vases.

Beyond that, for many years, decorators used to offer the same advice: paint. Changing the colour of your walls – or even adding a statement colour to just one of them – was a favourite way to change up the look of a room. You could take its atmosphere from airy and casual to dramatic and romantic simply via the use of a new paint colour, and applying it was both easy and relatively inexpensive.

But is painting really an easy option? For one thing, it requires that you move everything away from the walls, take down pictures and put down protective drop cloths – then paint, and once that's done (no small job, even for an expert) you wait in the fumes for the paint to dry. So not really as simple as it's made out, although the level of change can be substantial.

Our latest suggestion for a serious update in a home? Switch up old light fittings for new ones. Not only does this completely transform the feel of an interior (think of all those dreary rental flats with cheap chandelier pendants in them...) it's also now remarkably budget-friendly. Light fittings are more inexpensive than they have ever been, and there's a larger range of them on offer than ever before too.

Here are our suggestions for some lighting updates for your space – all of which can be shopped for online. Check them out below.

Lighting Updates: Pendants

Always get an electrician to install ceiling pendants or wall lights, but it doesn't take long and is not enormously disruptive. When it comes to price, we make it a rule of thumb to always check the websites of Lighting Warehouse, Superbalist and Eagle Lighting (sadly not shoppable online, but worth looking at for bargains nonetheless) for more reasonably priced versions of something a tad expensive.

There's loads of inspiration to be found at K Light and Glo Lighting, too, and you can shop all the stylish cluster pendants you've always dreamed of at Hoi P'loy.

Pendants can date a space quickly, so before you fall utterly in love with something very trendy, consider some more classic options as well. That said, there's nothing quite as lovely as a statement pendant – or three!


Lighting Updates | House and Leisure
Vintage Barn pendant in Blue, R4238 | House of Sofia
Lighting Updates | House and Leisure
Luke pendant with gold frame, R1 450 | Knus
Lighting Updates | House and Leisure
Moonjelly cluster, R31050 | Dokter and Misses




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Lighting Updates: Table Lamps

Table lamps are a great way to experiment with trend-inflected looks, including bright colours and bold lines, because they are so easy to replace and, in general, very well priced.

Our biggest piece of advice here: remember that if the lamp has a task to fulfil in the space (for example, if you need to use it to read in bed) make sure it's fit for purpose.


Lighting Updates | House and Leisure
Classic desk lamp in Dark Green, R699 | Superbalist 
Lighting Updates | House and Leisure
White utility desk lamp, R399 | @home
Lighting Updates | House and Leisure
Noble desk lamp in Black, R899 | Superbalist




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Lighting Updates: Wall-Mounted Lights

Wall-mounted lamps are brilliant for adding atmosphere to a space when it comes to lighting design, so do give some attention to the function that the light needs to perform as well as its design as an object. And don't forget the brightness – traditionally measured in watts, or in more contemporary parlance, in lumens – of your bulb choices here too.

We're very partial to pops of vibrant hues for wall lamps at the moment, because they really don't have to be the wallflowers (see what we did there?) of a space.


Lighting Updates | House and Leisure
Trumpet wall-mounted steel lamp, R3220 | Dokter and Misses
Lighting Updates | House and Leisure
Cohen wall light in Petrol, R799 | Superbalist
Lighting Updates | House and Leisure
Sia wall lamp in Black, R799 | Superbalist 



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