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Q&A: Samsung

HL chatted to Samsung’s business leader for digital appliances, Rajan Gungiah, about essential appliances, kitchen trends and what to keep in mind when designing your kitchen. What kind of developments are influencing the design of kitchen appliances? The role of any household technology should still be that of simplifying your life, saving you time and offering you more effective ways of preparing food or going about your day-to-day life.  The kitchen was once a room that guests tended to avoid, but it has become one of the feature rooms in any home due, in part, to innovative, practical and trendy appliances. South African consumers are also increasingly looking to make greener and cleaner decisions in their day-to-day lives. One of the key areas where consumers can make a difference is in their choice of household devices and appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves. What should I keep in mind when designing my kitchen? Often a concept that will stand the test of time will be one that combines the best elements of design with effortless functionality. Many homeowners who are renovating their kitchens rate ‘convenience’ as the motivating factor. Those who regularly cook and entertain are looking for a functional, efficient and beautiful ambiance, and want their appliances to help make this possible. It is important for the cooking area in a home to perform as effortlessly as possible under various types of pressure – multiple cooks, entertaining, extended cooking sessions, social cooking and more. What impact do open living spaces have on the design of kitchen appliances? Aesthetic appeal coupled with practical functionality is the key element shaping the way consumers plan, design and make use of their living space. This is as evident in the kitchen, the heart of the home, as in any other space. Design drifts have proven particularly exciting throughout 2013 and we expect this to continue well into 2014. One of the overriding themes we have seen has been the convergence of several design philosophies, resulting in the style of this space becoming highly personal. Which trends have remained consistent? Styles and decor continue to evolve in order to accommodate changing lifestyles and as a result the style of technology is also changing to meet these needs. Some trends come and go, while others fast become instant classics. The stainless steel finish is a prime example – once only found in commercial kitchens, is now a staple in the modern home. This trend is growing in popularity, as can be seen by the fact that manufacturers are making ranges available that have identical aesthetic appeal, including steel grain, colouring, uniform buttons as well as identical LED lighting. For more information about Samsung's kitchen appliance options, visit