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Q&A: Coricraft

Bonded, faux and synthetic leathers are just some of the names given to imitation leather fabrics. It can be quite overwhelming with so many fake leathers out there that are sold as the real deal.

To help you make an informed decision, know what to look for and the correct questions to ask, HL speaks to Coricraft’s buying director Leigh Reichman about what to consider when buying a leather sofa:

How do we tell the difference?

'Full grain leather, corrected leather, bi-cast… it can all seem like a minefield, but in truth, it’s really quite simple. Genuine leather is split into two parts during the tanning process – the top ‘grain’ and the bottom ‘split’. Grain leather products are very strong, while split leather products, although still genuine leather, are much weaker and tend to break more easily. There are various types of grain leathers, including full grain leather, corrected leather and semi-corrected grain leather. Split leathers include pigmented or finished splits and bi-cast leather, which is actually coated in a type of plastic,' says Leigh.

Any product made from these leathers is a genuine leather product, although naturally those crafted from grain leathers are superior to those made from the split. The tiny imperfections you feel when running your hand over a leather couch lets you know that its genuine as this is the natural grain. Bonded leather on the other hand, is mostly plastic, with some leather sprinkled onto the back to make it look and feel more real.

So which leather to buy then?

'When making a purchase the best course of action is for customers to ask their retailer directly about the construction, fabric, leather and warranty, and make sure that you are getting the straight talk that they deserve and value for money. You can also ask to see a sample swatch of the leather.

Put the swatch against the item you're looking for and check that the swatch matches all the parts of the item - front, back and sides. If it is real grain the leather panels should be relatively small, if the panels are large the grain may not be natural.'

At Coricraft, you can be certain that when choosing a leather couch it really is 100% genuine leather.  Coricraft’s wide range of leather couches are all manufactured locally and brought directly to customers, offering unbeatable value, style and quality. Coricraft also offers an exclusive easy-to-use leather library where customers can touch and feel the available leathers and collect take-home samples.

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