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Polytheism: How to make Testament Bar's Infamous G&T

Graeme Willie

If you can't make it to Braamfontein to try Polytheism, now you can make it at home

Braamfontein's Testament 'microbar', owned by the same crew as Kalashnikovv Gallery (located next door to the bar) and the Tennis Club, has become the coolest spot to drink and dance in the inner-city. But, in case you were too distracted by their extraordinary, ever-changing art installations, we got you the recipe for their delicious Polytheism cocktail — a true testament to the many gods of the night.


-15ml homemade vanilla syrup (see recipe below)
-1 strawberry, sliced
-60ml Bombay Sapphire
-Fever-Tree elderflower tonic
-2 cucumber ribbons
-1 small sprig sage


Start by making the homemade vanilla syrup: Add 1 part brown sugar, one part coconut sugar, two vanilla pods (sliced), and 1 tbsp vanilla extract to a saucepan. Boil on a low heat for 10 minutes to reduce. Cool. Once the syrup has cooled, slice the strawberry into roughly six slices, put them into in a large stemless wineglass, then add vanilla syrup, a scoop of crushed ice, and then muddle gently. Add the two shots of gin and a serving of elderflower tonic. Garnish with cucumber and sage, then stir in a clockwise direction. Pray, and enjoy.

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