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Picot & Moss Watches

Searching for the perfect watch? Look no further, the Swiss Horological Smartwatch is what you have been waiting for!


Instead of a digital screen, the Swiss Horological Smartwatch has laser cut hands and dial display information in analog form, bringing modern and classic styles together to create a timeless piece of technology perfect for the 21st Century.

Some of the functions the first Swiss Horological Smartwatches support, include:

  • Always shows the correct time and date
  • Capable of bi-directional communication with you iPhone and android apps
  • MotionX® activity tracking
  • Sleeptracker® sleep monitoring
  • Sleep cycle alarms
  • Get-Active alerts
  • Adaptive coaching
  • 2+ years battery life
  • MotionX® cloud backup and restore

What else could you possibly need?

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