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perfect balance: lay out your living room like a pro

living room Open to friends, family and offering instant respite, your living room is arguably the most inviting of rooms – as long as you lay out the space correctly. To make the most of your living room, create a layout that combines comfort and style for perfect harmony. Alon Sachs, co-owner of Mobelli Furniture + Living, shares a few need-to-know layout tips that are sure to make any homeowner  – and their guests – swoon.

to start: measure your living room out

First and foremost, you have to determine the size of the area. Grab a tape measure to establish the exact dimensions and remember to measure the dimensions of the entrance to the room too. After all, the size of the entrance will determine the size of the furniture.

remember: visual interest is vital

Consider incorporating a range of furniture pieces with different characteristics. If you're opting for a serene and calm area for rest and recovery, keep the furniture pieces similar to avoid 'visual noise'. And if lively and energetic is what you're after, throw in a curated piece of artwork, match it up with an extra large sofa and statement piece and achieve that on-trend, cohesive look easily.

for harmony: balance the scale

The size of various furniture pieces in relation to each other, versus the size of the space, speaks to the scale of the room. Consider a range of differently sized  pieces to create height and depth in the space. Aim to create unity when the balance is out and pieces just don't look and feel right.

add interest: symmetry and asymmetry

Symmetry and asymmetry are two widely used decor trends, and speak to two different personality types. If you prefer two of everything, you're a symmetry type of person – basically, someone who enjoys an organised and balanced room layout that is often very pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, if you prefer two lamps in slightly different sizes on one of your side tables, then quirky imbalance definitely tops your decor list. living room

divide and rule: zesty zones

Divide large or long living areas into zones to create an intimate indoor setting. Zoning a large space into separate dining, conversational or relaxing areas gives that once wide-open toom a homely look and feel. Overall, Sachs says that establishing the right furniture layout should not be considered a chore. When done correctly, it enhances the look and feel of the home and creates a balanced and harmonious feel. Keep your furniture furniture picks simple yet stylish; contemporary yet coordinated. And don't overdo it