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Our Pick of the Best Online Short Courses By GetSmarter

Looking to retrain or upskill? Check out the HL team's pick of the best online short courses by GetSmarter – plus, get R2000 off a course for yourself.


In the world of work in the 21st century, the only constant seems to be change. Which is why members of the House and Leisure team are all very conscious of the need to keep developing and upskilling in order to stay ahead of the pack. Here, six of us reveal our pick of the areas in which we'd like to get additional training by taking one of GetSmarter's brilliant online short courses.

GetSmarter is a brand of 2U, Inc., and partners with world-leading universities to select, design and deliver premium online short courses with a data-driven focus on learning gain. Technology meets academic rigour in GetSmarter’s people-mediated model, which enables lifelong learners across the globe to obtain industry-relevant skills that are certified by the world’s most reputable academic institutions.

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Online Short Courses | House and LeisureOnline Short Courses | House and Leisure

The HL Team's Pick of Online Short Courses By GetSmarter

1. Chrizanda Botha, Decor Editor: University of Cape Town Graphic Design course

My biggest frustration every day is not being able to change, manipulate or create designs. We produce copy for the website and for social channels, and yes, there are tools to resize or edit images, but the crops aren’t always right and the colours often aren’t great either. Sometimes I want no background, and sometimes I want an entirely new design.

Working within a creative content creation industry, we get excited about beautiful things – we can tell a good photograph from a bad one and of course, we are extremely critical. Personally, I think my everyday life at work would be much easier with the added skills that a course in graphic design would give me. 

2. Gemma Bedforth, Art Editor: University of Cape Town Start and Manage a Small Business course

As a seafood enthusiast with a culinary focus in my family background, I’ve often dreamt of owning and running a simple, locally sourced seafood spot on a beach here in SA.

Some of my fondest memories are of foraging for fresh seafood – and the hours of prep that followed. Although this is currently the dream belonging in a very alternative universe, I was taught to always dream big! The first step to a successful, homegrown family-run business seems to be to understand the workings of one, which is why I'd love to complete this University of Cape Town online short course.

3. Karen Tennent, Managing and Copy Editor: University of Cape Town Digital Marketing course

In today's digitally focussed age of brand creation, self-promotion and online presence, an online short course in digital marketing is an absolute must.

GetSmarter's offering is a brilliant opportunity for me to discover how to develop a digital marketing strategy for both myself as a media professional and a member of the House and Leisure team. I'd like to learn more about creating a compelling brand image that encourages greater audience engagement across all channels, as well as how best to market myself in my field.

Online Short Courses | House and LeisureOnline Short Courses | House and Leisure

4. Garreth van Niekerk, Senior Story Editor: University of Cape Town Property Development and Investment course

As a new homeowner, it has been a little scary understanding what I should and shouldn't invest in when it comes to property. That's why I think it would be interesting to do the University of Cape Town Property Development and Investment course.

From the course outline, it looks like it will help me navigate all the bits and pieces that can lead to me making expensive mistakes, and also teach me how to spot the gaps and opportunities in the highly competitive property development market in general. I'm also hoping it's going to help me convince my partner that we should spend that little bit extra on our new kitchen!

5. Annzra Denita, Story Editor: University of Cape Town Web Design course

The working environment – particularly in publishing, where I have decided to build my career – is constantly changing. But the one constant over the years is the internet. This is something that is not going away anytime soon. 

From social media and apps to online retailers and specialist microsites that tell amazing multimedia stories, so much of our daily lives is connected to being online. And all these things we interact with digitally have been designed. This is why I am so interested in the University of Cape Town Web Design course. It will help me create content in a completely new way, and will help increase my employability, which is always a bonus. 

6. Robyn Alexander, Digital Editor: University of Cape Town Digital Photography course

I've always wanted to improve my photographic skills, and the University of Cape Town online short course in Digital Photography would do just that. From the absolute basics of aperture and shutter speed to more conceptual topics like composition, it's all covered in this course. I think it would really take my ability to take good photos to the next level.

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