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Our Best Brunches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria

There’s only one meal better than breakfast, right?


Whippet, Melville, Brunch

If there was ever any way to top the joy of breakfast then brunch would be it, right? But with so many late-morning/ early-afternoon spots to choose from around the country the tricky part is really choosing the right spot. So some of the House and Leisure team members sat down to pick a few of our go-to staples when it comes to the perfect brunch, and hopefully take a bit of the guesswork out of deciding for you. Here’s our guide to the brunch spots you need to try, and hopefully trust enough to make your regular, around South Africa. 

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House and Leisure’s Guide To Brunch in South Africa

Cape Town


Clarkes, Brunch

There are so many great spots to visit on Bree Street, but we keep on coming back to Clarkes. Aside from one of the most stylish crowds you’ll find anywhere in the city (the perfect spot to people watch) we’re also just totally committed to their fantastic coffee, small-but-stellar menu, and the consistently generous treatment from the servers and staff. If you’re looking for the House and Leisure team, you’ll likely find a few of them here on any given day. Try the hash eggs, Nutella-filled croissant and definitely give the brunch cocktails a spin.


Hemelhuijs, Brunch

For a taste of the unexpected we can guarantee you will never be disappointed in the endless creativity of Hemelhuijs, owned by the extraordinarily talented chef, decorator and designer Jacques Erasmus. The menu is ever-changing, so be adventurous because it’s really always good. They also have their own homeware collection now, so it's the perfect spot to get a gift as well. 

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Salvation Café

Salvation Cafe, Brunch

The trees and alleyways of 44 Stanley are always the right choice, no matter the situation, and Salvation Café – the restaurant at its core – is the perfect spot to take it all in. The breakfast burrito is always a delicious and unique, and their half n’ half benedict/french toast split will satisfy even the fussiest brunch-goer. There’s a reason this place has been around and as popular as it has for so long, so don’t think twice. 

The Whippet Melville

Whippet Melville

A food fanatic’s Wes Anderson-inspired dream, the Whippet Melville remains one of the city’s most beautiful, and tastiest spots. From their perfect pastel palette, to their brunch menu, there is something for everyone, and a lot of it is harvested from community farms and more increasingly from their own farm located on the top of the building they are on. Get there as early as your brunch allows, because the tables fill up really quickly. 


9th Avenue Waterside

9th avenue waterside, brunch

There’s no better way to start your day than overlooking the marina, and at 9th Avenue Waterside you’re not only getting a view, but some super delicious things to go alongside them. 9th Avenue is something of an institution in Durban, and their new location is finally doing them justice. And like they say themselves, in perfect brunch spirit, 9th Avenue Waterside’s the spot, ‘…whether you want to start your day with an espresso and a bagel, or watch the sunset with an  espresso martini.’ 

Parc in Glenwood

Parc, Brunch

Glenwood in general is full of some great spots to turn into your regular, but locals swear by the coffee and Not-So-Benedict Benedict (uh, why don’t all Benedicts include capers?) at Parc in Glenwood. You also can’t go wrong with their banana bread french toast, so maybe just order both to be safe, even if you’re dining alone — if you can’t treat yourself at brunch, then when can you, really?


La Brasserie de Paris

Le Brasserie de Paris

Housed in an extraordinary tribute to Brutalist architecture designed by local architect Karl Jooste, La Brasserie de Paris is definitely one of the most chic of the breakfast spots on this list. The building used to be the architect’s house, so it’s a lot like having breakfast in the home of one of South African design’s most stylish folk. The menu is really more early-lunch, but who says your first meal of the day can’t be oysters, or a cheese board paired with wonderful wine? 

Spout Coffee

Spout, Brunch

Another architectural gem that’s perfect for a brunch outing is the Spout Coffee store, which is housed in a great little shipping container-conversion. And while the menu is great for a light bite to eat, the thing that makes this place really special is the next-level coffee on offer. For the adventurous try the espresso served with dulce de leche cream, or just keep it classic with a cortado. Either way you can’t go wrong at Spout. 

Keep an eye on this list as we keep on expanding and improving it, but in the meantime, if you have any brunch favourites make sure you give House and Leisure a shoutout on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so we can include it. 'Till then, happy brunching!