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optimal sleep: bed king goes high tech with comfort solutions

In a perfect world, you would wake up from a night's sleep feeling completely refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. In reality, we struggle to find a comfortable position, toss, turn and wake up feeling more tired than when we got into bed the night before. One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is by having the right mattress. However, researching this can be overwhelming and frustrating and you may end up with a bed that may be great on paper, but simply doesn't work for you. Enter Bed King. They have come up with a way to scientifically work out what mattress would work best for you, thanks to a technique called pressure mapping. This is all done under their exclusive brand Comfort Solutions, which aims to make truly comfortable and supportive mattresses.

what is pressure mapping?

Pressure mapping involves using sensors to quantify the pressure between virtually any two contacting surfaces or objects. In this case, it maps the pressure between the human body and a mattress. Bed King founder Mervyn Ewertse has done extensive research in understanding this relationship in order to help customers find the best mattress, ensuring that elusive perfect night's sleep. 'Pressure destroys comfort. The greater the pressure on the body from the mattress, the less the comfort. People sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress will toss and turn up to 80 times a night, and seldom develop a deep sleep pattern.' He reached out to a Canadian pressure-mapping company and, for the past three years, they have refined and tweaked the technology specifically for Bed King's use. The result is the establishment of a Comfort Solutions Lab in each store, where you can go for a pressure-mapping session to measure pressure points in mattresses, and identify the most optimal comfort and support levels for each customer.

where can you do it?

Bed King is introducing the technology in its 13 branches in Gauteng, Western Cape and Mpumalanga.  Once you have measured you optimal comfort and support levels, there are 12 mattresses in the Comfort Solutions range that you can choose to suit your specific needs. This offering is exclusive to Bed King.