The One-Room Hotel is the Ultimate Place to Rest Your Head

Looking for somewhere truly original to stay? Try a one-room hotel – here are five options, located across Europe from Copenhagen to Prague.

Rasmus Hjortshøj, Jon Nordstrøm, Supplied

You’re an Airbnb aficionado, and you’ve stayed at a few boutique hotels in your time… so what’s next when it comes to hotel experiences? We’ve noticed a mini-trend for one-room hotels – places where you’ll get the amenities and service you expect from an upmarket hotel, but where you and your partner will also, quite literally, be the only guests. For a taste of a trend that we hope will catch on more widely around the world, read on.

One-Room Hotel #1: The Krane, Copenhagen

One-Room Hotel | House and LeisureOne-Room Hotel | House and Leisure

The newest and most avant-garde place on this list is The Krane, an utterly unique ‘retreat and meeting room’ where you will find yourself staying in a renovated former coal crane in Nordhavn, one of the last working harbours in Copenhagen. The aesthetic here is all about industrial chic, plus all the creature comforts you’ll need, of course, including the best of Danish design, a concierge who’ll pick you up at the airport and a gorgeous on-site spa.

There’s also a pair of bikes on hand so you and your partner can explore this ultimate in bike-friendly cities under your own steam. And of course the views of the sea, the sky and the city from The Krane are completely stupendous.

One-Room Hotel #2: One and Only Bedroom, Hôtel Droog, Amsterdam

One-Room Hotel | House and LeisureOne-Room Hotel | House and Leisure

Situated above Hôtel Droog, legendary Dutch design company Droog’s showroom and exhibition space in central Amsterdam, the One and Only Bedroom actually consists of a bedroom, bathroom, living area and fully equipped kitchen.

All are furnished with the finest in Dutch design, with all the wit and subtle humour we associate with the Droog brand. Light-filled and completely inspiring, this is one of the finest places to stay in a city that has so much to offer for lovers of great design and art.

One-Room Hotel #3: A Room for London, London

One-Room Hotel | House and LeisureOne-Room Hotel | House and Leisure

Probably the original harbinger of this trend, and sadly currently closed while the building on which it was situated is being renovated, is A Room for London. The conceptual space was designed by architect David Kohn for Living Architecture and opened in 2013, consisting of a small ‘boat’ that seemed ‘stranded’ on top of a building on the South Bank of the Thames in London.

Intended to offer guests ‘a place of refuge and reflection’ in one of the busiest parts of the city, the interiors were beautifully crafted from timber, featuring lots of intriguing nooks and crannies as well as everything required for a comfortable stay. And again, the views were truly special – all the icons of London, from Big Ben to St Paul’s cathedral, seemingly on show just for you.

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One-Room Hotel #4: Central Hotel, Copenhagen

One-Room Hotel | House and LeisureOne-Room Hotel | House and Leisure

It's no surprise that Copenhagen is the only city on this list with not one but two single-room hotels – it is, after all, one of the coolest and most liveable places on earth right now. Quaint, charming and situated above a café in the upmarket Vesterbro area, the Central Hotel is all about handcrafted details and special touches.

A double bed, en suite bathroom and perfectly stocked minibar take up most of the compact space, but you’ll still have all you need here for a memorable stay in one of the loveliest parts of the city – and no noisy hotel neighbours to endure either. Arrange to have a bottle of Champagne on ice as you arrive in this romantic spot, and you’ll be perfectly primed for dinner at the new Noma restaurant.

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One-Room Hotel #5: One Room Hotel, Prague

One-Room Hotel | House and LeisureOne-Room Hotel | House and Leisure

The city views from the tops of TV transmission towers around the world are generally panoramic, and the One Room Hotel in Prague is situated in just such a location: the Žižkov Television Tower.

Located 70m above the ground, this may not be a comfortable place to stay if you suffer from vertigo, but if you don’t, the designer interiors and state-of-the-art tech will have you feeling free as a bird. The bed is by Hästens, the toiletries are by L’Occitane and the bath has serious Instagram potential.

Plus the small living area is the perfect place to kick back and relax before heading out to experience all that this beautiful, historic city has to offer.

Now, please could a smart entrepreneur create a similar fab spot right here in SA? Joburg, we’re looking at you…

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