Must visit: Dylan Lewis Un-Earth Exhibition

The talented South African sculptor has launched a new series of mesmeric and incredible pieces depicting human figures in an intimate and engaging manner.


Un-Earth Dylan Lewis


Know as one of the world's foremost scupltors of the animal form, Dylan Lewis has created a new collection of work after a seven year period of exploration, discovery and emotional turbulence. 

Showcasing at CIRCA Gallery in Ulundi House from 6 February 2020, Un-Earth is an intimate depiction of of the human form that draws on the emotions of viewers.

The new exhibition provides insight into a period of self-exploration for the creator. Un-Earth is dervied from the greek word, Chthonios, kthon meaning 'ground or soil' and ios  meaning 'earth'.


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. Opening Thursday 6th February at @everard_read_cape_town_ ‘s CIRCA gallery . Dylan Lewis CHTHONIOS . From the Greek [ khthon,”ground,soil”] + [-ios,”earth” ] . ‘Emerging out of a seven-year period of inspired productivity and emotional turbulence, ‘CHTHONIOS’ finds sculptor Dylan Lewis in an extended moment of introspection and reckoning. The artist’s present preoccupation sees him grappling with the emotional tensions and complexities of human relationships, while striving towards reconnection with his sense of self. This journey has brought Lewis down a number of avenues, which converge on the current exhibition as a whole. . Venturing between visceral abstraction, frank eroticism, bold exuberance, wholesale embracing of the human figure, and a move away from the fragmentary and the isolated, Lewis has imbued this new exhibition with a markedly different energy and confidence than earlier work. ‘CHTHONIOS’ finds him returning to the themes that defined his earlier sculptures, albeit in a fresh and assured new guise. . In ‘CHTHONIOS’ Dylan Lewis utilises ideas of nature and wildness to reflect on the often-painful process of self-actualisation. Inspired by writers such as Joseph Campbell, Jay Griffiths, and Robert Bly, this body of work channels the agony and ecstasy of the chthonic; a Jungian concept of the darker underbelly of the psyche, which must be confronted and consolidated if one is to achieve a true sense of self. The term derives from the Greek khthonios. ‘ . Essay by Tim Limbrecht. . @dylanlewissculpturegarden #dylanlewis #CHTHONIOS #sculpture #bronze . @everard_read_cape_town_ @everard_read_johannesburg @everard_read_london Photo credit @stella0livier

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In his latest showcase, Lewis has moved away from his previous sculptoral form of fragemented and isolated works. The pieces in Un-Earth instead are moving and engaging. 

Using both black and white mediums to create the Un-Earth pieces, the works showcase human figures intimately intertwined with one another as it provokes a sense of emotion in motion. 


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The new collection of sculptures in the Un-Earth collection are a clear indication that Lewis has found a new voice as he returns to the themes that defined his earlier works. 

With over three decades of artistic practise, Lewis has established himself as a household name in the local and international art world with countless art shows, a sculpture garden and three solo exhinbitions at Christie's.


Exhibition details 

Venue: CIRCA, Cape Town, Ulundi House, 3 Portswood Road, V&A Waterfront
Time: Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm, Satruday 9am - 1pm
Cost: Entrance is free of charge 


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