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the museum of ice cream pops up in los angeles

Katie Gibbs
Enjoying an ice-cold treat while swimming in a pool of rainbow sprinkles sounds like a dream, but at the new Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) in Los Angeles, it's entirely possible – provided you manage to snag a ticket before they sell out, that is, or don't stay halfway across the world like we do. Even so, this playful pop-up is almost as fun to appreciate from afar. Co-founded and creative-directed by Maryellis Bunn, the museum is nothing short of a visual spectacle. After its inaugural run in New York City (which sold out in five days and attracted a waiting list of over 200 000 people) MOIC has set up shop on the West Coast, stationed in Downtown LA's burgeoning art district. The LA location is four times larger than the NYC incarnation, and showcases 10 interactive highlights including a 'banana split' comprising 10 000 'bananas', a melted popsicle jungle and, of course, the iconic swimmable sprinkle pool filled with an impressive 100 million sprinkles. Follow MOIC on Instagram for the inside scoop and find more info at Save