Known for its offering of unique indoor and outdoor furniture, Mobelli has opened its first flagship concept store at Fourways Mall in Johannesburg. 

Mobelli Furniture + Living Launches New Concept Store


Mobelli | House and Leisure


Specialists in outdoor and indoor furniture, Mobelli Furniture + Living, recently opened their first flagship concept store in the the largest mall in Africa, Fourways Mall. The new concept store will showcase the latest in design-led furniture for both indoors and out.

Mobelli Furniture + Living provides low-maintenance, comfortable, stylish and quality furniture.

With a wide-ranging offering, the new store offers both contemporary and classic furniture and interior pieces to add to your home.

A variety of accessories designed to enhance your outdoor living experience – such as shade parasols, outdoor gas heaters and illumintated furniture – is also available in store. 

Mobelli | House and Leisure

Cofounder of Mobelli Furniture + Living and leading expert in indoor and outdoor furniture, Alon Sachs, explains what set the new concept store apart from other compeititors. 

'We wanted to bring curated spaces to life,' he says. 'The concept store features inspirational room settings, an exhibition area showcasing the newest additions to our range, as well as a zone which creates an in-home look and feel.' 

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Aside from being a new store for your homeware needs, Sach explains that a high level of creative design went into creating the layout and feel of the store. 'We wanted to have the customer in mind throughout the design processes and we gave oursevles permission to try new things that are not traditionally found in a retail space,' he says. 

Sachs explains that it was an easy decision to have the new store located at Fourways Mall. 'The ethos that went into designing the mall is an exact fit with what we at Mobelli embrace, which made this an obvious partnership.' 

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Mobelli | House and Leisure
Alon Sachs (front) and the team at Mobelli Furniture + Living.