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Men fancify flora


Floral stylist and concept designer Alwijn Burger, who's more commonly known as BlomBoy, now hosts monthly flower-arranging workshops, particularly for men. Dubbed the Gentleman's Flower Arranging Club (GFAC), it is aimed at nurturing that passion for flowers and flower arrangement. 'The GFAC is one of my great passions simply because it defines the way in which I want to interact with people and work with flowers,' says Alwijn. 'Nothing challenges the conventions of masculinity quite the way flowers do. We tend to forget that men might also need a vehicle (flowers) as an aid in/to their own liberation.' Insitu 1 Not surprisingly, these monthly workshops have proven to be a roaring success. 'I am thrilled by an overwhelming response to this exciting new venture,' remarks Alwijn. Each workshop has a set focus with a guest collaborator. For example, the February event looked at techniques and ideas to do with floral accessories, while the workshop in April focused on arranging indigenous flowers from the Platteland. Insitu 2 The BlomBoy brand became Alwijn's alter-ego in 2013 at first simply as a celebration for his love of all things floral. It has since morphed from what was originally an online platform for sharing his thoughts and inspiration into an important part of his creative offering and business. Insitu 3 insitu 4 The next Gentleman's Flower Arranging Club event is on 30 May in Stellenbosch. Get more information at

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