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Let the Creativity Flow

What does it take to find inspiration? No doubt that it's different for each creative individual, but it's arguably your workspace that makes a major difference in whether or not you're able to execute that inspiration in the way you'd imagined. In a recent video by OFM, US artist Kristin Five talks about her creative process, highlighting just how important 'process' is. 'I'll clean my palette, kinda get used to being in here, and then I'll start to lay out the paints and I will put on the music that feels right, and that's a really important part of my process,' she explains. 'Simplicity is important,' she explains of her studio. The interview is part of OFM's recent initiative to explore the relationship between individuals and their workspaces, particularly since this has changed and adapted as much as we have to the age of technology. OFM, which is a family-run furniture business in the US, wants to highlight the ways that it has helped us to adapt to this new way of working through creating practical furniture solutions, for example, the standing desks called the Endure Stool like the ones shown in this video about the Betabox - an initiative that encourages passersby to collaborate with others in problem-solving. How does your workspace contribute to your creative process?