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keesha moore is the face of shf for july

Meet Keesha Moore, the freshest face of the new SHF generation. The 23-year-old from Pietermaritzburg is a digital content creator of local and international clothing and beauty brands. She describes her style as laid back and uncomplicated and has the confidence to mix luxury and repurposed, found items in her decorating. This makes her a perfect fit in the ranks of SHF ambassadors.

When she is not decorating, Keesha’s dream is to create a window that changes the narrative of, and creates opportunities for young South African creatives in the digital media space. To stay ahead in the instant, high pressure world of digital content creation, Keesha draws her inspiration from diverse quarters, from progress in the local digital marketing space to her everyday surroundings.

you could be the next face of shf

It’s time to find your inner excellence and define yourself as the next face of SHF.

To stand a chance of winning, go to an SHF gallery near you and video yourself showcasing your most coveted piece of SHF furniture. Create a Boomerang video clip with your chosen piece as your only prop,Tell SHF which piece you would buy with your R25 000 voucher should you be the winner. Post your Boomerang to SHF's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with the hashtag #shfdefineyourself. For more information, check out their page. *Terms and conditions apply.

find inspiration in keesha top picks from shf below: