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Italy Meets SA at Ayama Wines


Michela and Attilio Dalpiaz were brought together through the mutual affinity for wine production. Hailing from Italy, they fell in love with South Africa thanks to our history, people and beautiful natural environment. They decided to move here, and when they saw the Slent Farm on the Paardeberg Mountain, they found their home. Thus Ayama Wines was born.

The Farm

'Ayama' is Xhosa and roughly translates to 'someone to lean on'. This resonated with the Dalpiaz as the and, people and passion of Slent leans on friendship and love, and with this, they build up their wine farm. A large portion of the farm is dedicate to vineyards, but the farm also has 2.5ha of pears, 9ha of olives, 2ha artichokes, and 4ha dedicated to special wheat and vegetables.

The Dalpiaz family worked diligently towards understanding the micro-climates, soils, varietals, bio-diversity and different cultures of the land. They initially planted Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Shiraz and Chenin Blanc. Later they added Viognier, Grenache blanc, Grenache Noir Carignan and Petite Syrah. This has allowed them to make variety of top notch wines.


Ayama have become know for a very special wine that they produce, their Vermentino. With the Dalpiaz's familial roots, background in wine and connections with Italian viniculture, they sourced a very specific white grape from Sardinia to create the Vermentino, the first of its kind in South African.

The grapes were planted in 2014, and the first harvest was in 2016. The wine proved to be a success and this year they released the second vintage of the Vermentino along the their introduction of the Carignan varietal. These Italian cultivars have been bottled in impressive magnums and their release coincided with the e grand opening of the new Ayama cellar venue and the Slent farm store which stocks a a range of wheats, vegetables and olive oils produced on the estate, artisanal hand-crafted goods, together with Ayama wines and a sought-after collection of imported Italian wines and Limoncello.