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isca launches a new range of colourful taps

isca Looking to brighten up your bathroom and kitchen? Why not start with something as simple as your taps? A South African style leader in kitchen and bathroom fittings, ISCA has launched an exciting tapware range based on the latest local and international trends. More than just injecting pops of colour into your spaces, ISCA's vibrant taps and mixers lend you the freedom to express your personality in your home. iscaALSO READ: talking trends and tap couture with isca LIXIL Africa chief marketing officer John Westermeyer says, 'We’ve listened to our customers and are excited to launch a range that allows them to customise their bathroom and kitchen spaces and add splash of colour to their living space. While many people see the purchase of taps as a long-term commitment, this new design concept from ISCA turns faucets into fashion items that can be as trendy and beautiful as a new set of bath towels. This new and innovative concept is also affordable and easy to install. Homeowners will now have the freedom to play with colour in a way that has never been seen before.' The new range's hues include yellow, green, red, blue, orange, matt black and matt gold. ISCA’s trim kits and mixers are also simple to fit without professional help. For homeowners who are comfortable with DIY, ISCA has created a helpful step-by-step video with easy-to-follow installation instructions.