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Whether you grow indoor plants to harvest or as a living decor element, here are some shoppable suggestions for displaying them. 

Indoor Plants for Harvest and Display

Brina Blum/Unsplash, Supplied

Indoor Plants | House and Leisure

Indoor Plants to Display

Probably the quickest and easiest way to make indoor plants look perfectly at home in a decor scheme is by simply covering up standard pots with patterned fabric 'soft pots', such as this one from one of our favourite online local decor retailers, Knus.

Indoor Plants | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | Tobias soft pot in Pewter Grey, R159 | Knus

Plants placed on the floor in a living room will look brilliant – and feel at ease – in the natural woven Hurley planter from Coricraft. This planter will also work just as well on a patio as it does indoors.

Indoor Plants | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | Hurley planter, R499 | Coricraft

And if you're looking for the perfect indoor plant to place in your woven planter, hunt down something that will grow nice and tall. A good option is the classic areca palm: not only is it one of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors, it also brings a lush, tropical feeling to your interior.

Indoor Plants | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | Areca bamboo palm, R450 | Opus Studio 
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Alternatively, the perfect way to give a smaller plant some height is by placing it in a raised planter such as this metal and natural rattan option from Weylandts (it's also available with a black rattan basket for a more dramatic look).

Indoor Plants | House and Leisure


SHOP IT | High planter in metal and natural rattan, R995 | Weylandts
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Air plants can be beautifully displayed in glass vessels or vintage lab bottles – and they are really low-maintenance. Find this curvaceous xerografica online at Stodels.

Indoor Plants | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | Xerographica air plant, R380 | Stodels

It's also possible to find custom-made containers for showing off air plants. These Raindrop glass hanging planters from Plantify make for a striking display, especially when placed somewhere with plenty of light. They also look great in multiples – hang two or three together for the best effect.

Indoor Plants | House and LeisureIndoor Plants | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Raindrop glass hanging planters, R175 each | Plantify

Indoor Plants to Harvest

When it comes to plants that you grow indoors to eat, it always starts with fresh herbs. Keep it simple and rustic with a row of herb pots on the windowsill – don't expect them to last forever, and replace as needed. 

Indoor Plants | House and LeisureIndoor Plants | House and LeisureIndoor Plants | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Herb pots, R30 each | Woolworths

The next wave in indoor gardening for harvest is the smart indoor micro garden. Click and Grow Smart Garden units are designed for use in small apartments where light conditions are not ideal for plant growth, and at the moment, they are fairly expensive. But for those with the funds, this nifty setup – which works rather like a pod coffee machine, with biodegradeable plant 'pods' – gives owners easy access to herbs and vegetables. Grown at home and going from plant to pot (or plate) in a matter of minutes: it doesn't get fresher.  


Indoor Plants | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | The Smart Garden 9, R3 999 | Click and Grow

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