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We've been pleased to see how cities in South Africa have begun to encourage a bicycle culture and are slowly but surely creating infrastructure to accommodate cyclists in town. Jamie Litt from Ubuntu Bikes in Cape Town's Woodstock says, 'lifestyle cycling is huge and is getting bigger worldwide. Cities just need to create more infrastructure for people to realise cycling is quicker around town, more convenient and an amazing amount of fun'. The problem is, where do you park your bike if leaving it outside is not an option and you lack storage space in a small apartment? Leaning your bike against a wall or couch or parking it in the spare bedroom is not ideal. It's a conundrum that discourages people from owning a bicycle in the first place. With this in mind, we at HL identified a few local designers and stores that can help with clever bicycle parking solutions, at home as well as at the office.

sleek and contemporary

South African design brand Pedersen + Lennard makes two different sleek, minimalist bike shelves. The horizontal version is ideal if you have an empty wall, whereas the vertical bike rack is more suited to a long narrow space. Both are available in a range of colours, including white, grey and black, and while they're decorative solutions for a home space, they're are also a smart, neat idea for an office lobby. bike-shelf1 by Pedersen Lennard 600
bike-shelf2 by Pedersen Lennard 600 Powder-coated mild steel bike shelf with aluminium crossbar and locking mechanism from Pedersen + Lennard, R1 150

Vertical bicycle storage. Available from 1 to 3 bikes per unit. R1 250 Vertical bicycle rack that can fit one to three bikes per unit, R1 250

rustic charm

If your space lends itself more to a rustic look, these bicycle hangers from Ubuntu Bikes are a good choice. Owner Jamie Litt makes these hangers from old racing bike handlebars. He sells a standard option (pictured below) as well as a premium version that is wrapped in leather with Champagne bottle corks on the ends. The standard hanger goes for R750 and the premium one is for sale for R1000.
Standard bike hanger from Ubuntu Bikes, R750. Standard bike hanger from Ubuntu Bikes.

artsy ideas from around the world

Designer Chris Brigham from furniture and home accessories initiative Knife & Saw designed The Bike Shelf that won Dwell's Modern World Award in 2011. The wooden ledge helps to keep bicycles out the way and off the floor, but it's attractive enough to make for a statement piece in any home - you can even use it to display books and other objects.
The Bike Shelf by Chris Bringham. Photo from The Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham. Photo credit:

The handcrafted Iceberg bike hanger is made from high quality oak and birch and its graphic shape makes it a piece of art.
Iceberg bike hanger Photo credit:

The Pedal Pod, a bicycle rack and storage unit designed by Tamasine Osher Design, is truly beautiful and multi-functional too.
Pedal Pod The Pedal Pod. Photo credit:

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