Incredible Shack Built in Cape Town Goes Viral

A man with no building knowledge has done the unbelievable, transforming his shack into a stellar one bedroom apartment featuring all the bells and whistles

Supplied/ Joshua Rubin

Josh Rubin Shack Home

Capetonian photographer Joshua Rubin stumbled across a diamond in the rough when he met Fernando and visited his home in Joe Slovo, a township in Cape Town, to find a shack that stood out amongst the rest. 

Rubin was lead to Fernando after looking for someone to assist him in building a new home for Christopher - an underprivileged man who was born with disproportionate limbs and has had an incredibly hard life. 

After getting to know him, Rubin found out that Christopher was in dire need of a new home as he was living in extremely poor conditions. 

'He was staying in a 1.7m by 1.7m shack that was caving in and he was sleeping on a piece of wood with blocks underneath. After seeing this I decided to start raising funds to build Christopher a suitable home,' explains Rubin

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Joshu Rubin with Christopher
Christopher, captured by Joshua Rubin

While searching for a potential builder to help work on Christopher's new home, Rubin met Fernando, a self-taught Mozambique-born builder and designer. 

Rubin explains that he was invited to Fernando's home to have look at examples of his work before employing him to build Christopher's new home. 

'I asked him how good his work is and he told me to come and see for myself. We went back to his shack on the second floor of a container and when I saw it, I was compeltely blown away'. 

Joshua Rubin incredible shack

Equipped with running water, electricity and attention to detail in design, Fernando's home has gone viral on social media and showcases that even with no formal training anyone is capable of designing their own home. 

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One of the most notable design elements about Fernando's home is the ceiling which lights up in a range of colours controlled by the light switch and can be seen in the video footage caputed by Rubin.

‘I like this place my man, I built it by myself, no one built this place, its me…’ Fernando said. 

'When I visited his home the first thing I noticed was the architecture. The ceiling is incredible and at night time and the colour of the lights transform the place into something special, ' said Rubin.

Fernando is constantly working on improving his home and making it his own. 

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