How To Use Mirrors To Liven Up Any Interior

Inspired by Block & Chisel’s new mirrors, we look at a variety of ways in which to create varying points of interest on a wall.


Mirrors | House and Leisure

There’s no doubt that mirrors add a sense of depth and atmosphere to a room. Reflected images and bouncing light make them the perfect decor accessories for adding visual variety to home spaces. 

Block & Chisel’s new range of wall-hanging mirrors takes this versatility up a notch by providing options in decorative styles and designer forms. We’re excited to see round shapes stretch to oval, or duplicate themselves into multiple metal-framed circles, while Art Deco frames have us reimagining the possibilities of interior schemes. 

Although mirrors have been in existence for thousands of years – first as polished obsidian, and later as glistening copper and bronze – we’re grateful to German scientist Justus von Liebig, who, in 1835, developed a process for applying a thin layer of metallic silver to one side of a pane of clear glass. 

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Mirrors as we know them today have since developed from this process, and the original purpose for personal grooming has evolved to include sprucing up one’s decor. 

Block & Chisel director Sue McCoubrey says it's a relatively simple matter to create feature walls with cleverly chosen mirrors.

When using more than one mirror on a surface, she recommends trying your layout options on the floor before committing to hooks in your walls, suggests McCoubrey.

‘This way, you will be able to mix items up to get a good idea of what works well together, and how everything balances as a whole,’ she says. 

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We’ve selected our three favourites from Block & Chisel’s new collection of mirrors and paired them with expert advice from our decor editor, Chrizanda Botha.

Maximise the impact of mirrors in your home

Mirrors | House and Leisure

‘This fascinating Pinsky mirror is detailed enough to make a statement on its own,' says Botha. 'You won’t need anything else placed on the wall alongside it. Hang it in an entrance or passageway passage that allows its unusual frame to be appreciated from a distance.’

Mirrors | House and Leisure

‘Bringing a touch of Art Deco design to an interior, this faceted Angelou mirror can be used to high-impact effect. Take advantage of its decorative aesthetic and use it to layer a wallpapered surface even further, embracing the pattern-on-pattern look. It would also be rather striking on a brightly painted solid wall.’

Mirrors | House and Leisure

‘This classic shape is my favourite,' says Botha of the Lisa mirror. 'Its simplicity allows it to be used in a variety of ways. I love the idea of placing two of these side by side in a couple’s bathroom, so that both people have one hanging over their basin. Pairing them next to one another like this makes a bold statement.’

For more information about these mirrors, and to purchase them online, visit the Block & Chisel website.
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