How South African Foodies Are Savouring Their Coffee At Home

The days of picking up a cup of your favourite brew from your local are gone (for now). We take a look at how some of our favourite foodies have updated their coffee rituals, from French press to instant.

Supplied, Annie Spratt

As world-renowned poet and writer T.S Elliot once said, ‘I have measured out my life with coffee spoons’ and with that sentiment we can agree.

As we are creatures of habit, it is comes as no surprise that following the lockdown, a number of South African foodies have reinvented their daily coffee ritual. While you could jump on the social media bandwagon and whip up a Dalgona coffee, here are a few more ways local coffee lovers and foodies are zhoosing up their morning cuppa.


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Talya Goldberg

As a coffee lover, newsletter writer, creative director and social media strategist at-large, Talya Goldberg is a coffeeholic.

‘Going for a cappuccino is (was?) my favourite daily ritual. Before going freelance this year, I worked at a coffee company, so my daily consumption of barista-made cappuccinos had increased exponentially. I literally would never make coffee at home, because going for coffee was my favourite part of the day. Luckily for me, my birthday was just before lockdown and my friends spoiled me with a selection of coffee paraphernalia – going from only having an emergency supply of instant coffee, to having an Aeropress, Hario V60 and French press on hand, as well as an electric grinder and an amazing assortment of beans. The lockdown has certainly changed my coffee consumption, these days I find myself really enjoying brewing a delicious cup - trying different methods, different beans, different amounts of water, and seeing totally different results every single time. In terms of beans I have a bag of Rosetta Roastery’s ‘Buena Esperanze Natural’ from Nicargaua, and Bean There’s ‘Nyeri’ from Kenya. Currently what I am loving the most are, V60 pour overs in the morning and then blending up an ice coffee with oat milk in the afternoon.’

Talya is also known for her Instagram page, @veganfriendlycapetown,where you can follow along for useful vegan tips and tricks.

Wijdan Arendse-Hendricks

Also known as @theminimaleblogger, Wijdan has curated her Instagram page around her much-needed coffee explorations, but even though the lockdown has curtailed her excursions, she still makes sure to start her day the right way at home.

‘As avid coffee-drinkers, the apartment I live in along with my husband is always equipped with good coffee options, hence my caffeine consumption prior to lockdown is about on par with how much of it we enjoy now - our mornings are still punctuated by that very first cup. The only difference now is that little bit of extra effort put into the preparation. I used to always start off with a black coffee every morning, but since it’s become something of a pleasure more than a necessity, the first cup is a creamy almond milk DIY latte using Nescafé’s espresso powder instant coffee — the taste, aroma, and overall consistency feels like the closest thing I can get to a café style flat white. I sit beside our large kitchen window and take in the sounds of the ocean and remind myself of all the things I can still do during lockdown. I give thanks for all the wonderful relationships I have and things I can look forward to doing after lockdown. I also read a few books and conceptualise things I want to photograph that day — it helps keep me sane and focused.’

Steve Steinfield

As no stranger to the food scene in South Africa, with a flair for flavours and exploring the gastronomic scene, @thejoburgfoodie shares his take on coffee during lockdown.

‘I am someone who seriously enjoys his coffee. I’m that, “can’t function without, don’t speak to me before my, yes please I’ll finish off my meal” kind-of guy. Hipsters avert your eyes, because at home (and even at restaurants) I’m a Nespresso proponent. In my opinion, it’s the quickest, most consistently great coffee shot. In a world before lockdown it was the perfect fix to start my day and took little over 30 seconds to make from capsule to cup. I am an espresso drinker, no milk, no sugar and I’m unlikely to be swayed otherwise. This hasn’t changed during lockdown but what has changed is how I enjoy it. (Aside from a noted increase in my consumption - perhaps it’s a matter of accessibility and ease, or a somewhat acceptable procrastination break.) My espresso cup collection is a thing of beauty, if I do say so myself. I’ve lost count of how many there are, but I know where each one comes from, many with memories of different holidays or reminders of dear friends who had returned from their travels with gifts - aware of my penchant for pint-sized porcelain. However, as life rushed by in a pre-pandemic universe, now seemingly many light years away, I would reach for the same cups every day. Now, I’m taking the time to choose a memory, revisit a destination or catch up with a friend each morning by choosing a different one . Today took me back to the KwaZulu-Natal midlands (it’s my happy place and somewhere I try visit as often as I can) and to the Ardmorestudio - all with a single sip from a magnificent hand-crafted cup featuring two entwined ceramic wild dogs.”


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