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how to pair chocolate and wine


Chocolate and wine may sound like an unconventional combination, but with the right selection, they make a rather delightful pair. We indulged our need for a treat and went in search of the best pairings for our favourite Lindt chocolates. This Swiss chocolatier has thought of everything. Lindt Excellence is a range of expertly crafted, flavour infused chocolates with a range of extracts from sea-salt and wasabi to lime and chilli. Dark chocolate has never tasted so good. Savour every bite with a sip of good vino. We've listed 8 dark chocolate and wine pairings that you can enjoy on your next special occasion. Cheers.

Lindt Excellence Mint Intense & Delaire Coastal Cuvee

mint   In many of these pairings, dark chocolate is paired with a white wine (proving that a bar of chocolate doesn't always need to be eaten with red). The Delaire wine is rich in tropical fruit flavours, underpinned by layers of blackcurrant, gooseberry and nettles. This sweet fruitiness is perfectly suited to the freshness of Mint Intense.

Lindt Excellence Chilli & Eagle's Nest Shiraz

chilli Chilli and chocolate go hand in hand - particularly dark chocolate. Pair this fiery slab with a vintage shiraz. Notes of deep cherry and ripe berry fruits with crushed red pepper kernel will envelop your senses, topped off with the piquant flavour of this spice-tinged chocolate.

Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt & Groote Post Chenin Blanc

seas-salt-chenin-blanc When this bar of chocolate first came onto the market it was hard to come by due to it quite literally flying off the shelves. The subtle saltiness is perfectly offset by the sweet flavours of apple and guava in Groote Post's chenin blanc.

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense & Haute Cabriere Chardonnay

orange Orange, dark chocolate and chardonnay sounds like the ideal summer afternoon treat. This enticing blend of chardonnay and pinot noir features notes of white peach, litchi and red fruit. A zesty mix of flavours that will leave your palette tingling.

Lindt Excellence Roasted Sesame & Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc

sesame The roasted sesame is one of the newer flavours of the Lindt Excellence range - the nutty earthiness of the seeds blends effortlessly with the roasted character of the cocoa. This nutty flavour makes it the perfect pairing for the Ken Forrester chenin with its fresh pear flavour.

Lindt Excellence Strawberry Intense & Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose MCC

untitled-4 A berry inspired pair for when the girls come over. Intense strawberry meets the sparkling berry notes derived from the pinot noir in the Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose. Beautiful.

Lindt Excellence Lime Intense & De Grendel Sauvignon Blanc

lime Awaken your senses with this invigorating pairing. De Grendel is a trusted and loved sauvignon wine with its aroma of ripe yellow-flashed peaces and spiced apricots, and a soft palate of fruit, fynbos, honey and golden sultanas. Pair it with the liveliness of lime flavoured Lindt and you've got a winner. For more information on these delicious Lindt chocolates, visit: