How to Incorporate 'Dark Onyx' into your Home

HL decor editor Chrizanda Botha shares why beautiful handcrafted objects sustainably made from natural materials like onyx are among her favourite things.


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From wood and marble to stone and onyx, I love natural materials – especially when they have been sustainably made into exquisite handcrafted objects. Offerings like onyx have been used for product design for years, and as the demand for handmade pieces with an earthy quality has increased, so too has the appearance of these materials. 

When it comes to natural stone like marble, onyx and granite, one always wonders which should be used for what purpose, which is more expensive and, depending on the use, more durable. There are many different views on which materials should be used for surfaces like countertops, feature walls and floors, and a lot comes down to aesthetics. But on the practical side, one thing that needs to be considered is how porous each of these materials are. 

Because granite is formed deep in the earth at very high temperatures, it is an extremely hard stain-resistant stone ideal for kitchen countertops and floors. Marble, on the other hand, is very porous owing to the fact that the main mineral found in its composition is calcite (basically calcium). In our 2019 Trends Issue, we focused on onyx, which forms part of the marble family. A beautiful stone that is available in numerous colours and large single-slab sizes, onyx would mostly be used for a feature wall and generally not a surface due to it being extremely porous and sensitive to fruit acids and colourants. 

Kate Shepherd, the founding owner and creative director of Something Different and online store Something Desired, says in her trend report, 'From smalls and feature walls in bathrooms to splashbacks in kitchens, the feeling of the rawness and dark detailing in the onyx stone can truly make a statement feature in your house.' 

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