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How Art is Integral to Satellite Office Spaces

The Business Exchange uses art to create inspiring an office space.


Office Spaces

The physical spaces we occupy in our daily lives affect us. We might stop and notice the space, or enter it without much acknowledgement, but we still feel the impression of them regardless. For the majority of today’s workforce, offices are their primary spaces of living, more than their homes. The space, colour and texture of office environments should be considered; in the same way the how we produce work has progressed.

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Together with world-renowned artists and a highly acclaimed South African interior designer, The Business Exchange (TBE) based in Joburg, has curated artworks as the key design elements of their plug-in-and-go office solutions. TBE’s business model is premised on the goal of economising office spaces yet their strategy for productivity involves art, a costly feature. This innovative company has kept up with global trends and, paradoxically, money spent on art has only inspired more creativity and efficiency, reported from their occupants. Feeling inspired by the imaginative backdrop has allowed innovation to flourish.

‘I want our tenants to have purpose and meaning’ reiterates TBE CEO.

The TBE office design resonates with both corporates and entrepreneurs as they find affordable, flexible workspaces which enhance workflow, productivity, collaboration and socialisation to achieve business success. The artworks displayed are a visual cue to the relationship creativity and productivity have with one another. How can the creativity businesses need find any inspiration in fluorescent-lit traditional offices? Prioritising art forms part of the distinctive TBE signature – enhancing culture, creativity, learning and expression of inspiration while investing in success.

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