House and Leisure's Home Office Desks #LockdownStyleChallenge

We share our work form home desks in the hopes of inspiring you to share your own during this time where our homes are all we have.

HL Team
HL Team

Like most of the country, The HL team is all working from home during the nationwide lockdown. Take a peek at our home offices for some inspiration. We'd love to see how you are working at home. Take a pic of your desk, tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #lockdownstylechallenge and #HLhomeofficedesk.


Charl Edwards - Editor

'For my home away from home, I’ve decided to gather and group a few of my boyfriend’s favourite things to accompany me throughout my days while “at work”, from home: a little round wooden table, second-hand folding chair, a cluster of plants from Folha and the Granger Bay Farmer's Market, as well as a constant supply of titles such as Monocle, Conde Nast Traveler and of course House and Leisure for that much-needed dose of escapism. Who doesn’t want to be transported to a faraway place? This corner does just that: an escape from life inside in the form of a mini mobile oasis.'

Style Tip

Gather your plants from around the house to make a little oasis. The greens will freshen the air and breathe new life into your workday. 


Gemma Bedford - Art Editor

'A neighbour was visiting family on their farm when the lockdown was announced and couldn't get back home in time. So I'm feeding her cats and chickens, and have moved my home workstation to her spot for 21 days. While this isn't my own desk and chair, these are my things, not always pretty but still important. Apart from the odd chicken interrupting our HL online status meetings, it's been very peaceful.'

Style Tip

If you are a night owl, it is essential to have a functional and stylish desk lamp that will keep you alert. It also helps to have that creature comfort twirling around your legs for company.


Storm Ross - Style Editor

'I moved this table here as a temporary work desk during the lockdown as it is my favourite spot in the house. I can peer up at my beloved art pieces while the sun pours in through a large window. Natural light is important to keep me stimulated and feeling awake while I scour for inspiration in magazines, online and in books.'

Style Tip

Gather artwork and images that inspire you and stick them up on a wall like a pinboard. It can help to create a space that feels more work-like to spark ideas and to keep the lockdown blues away. 


Ann Ellis Brown - Managing Editor

'I love the clean lines of this desk. It is NOT usually this tidy! My other favourite spot, especially if I wake up very early, is at an old refectory table in my "happy room", which looks onto our little garden. After a while the birds forget I'm there and zip in and out of the bottle brush or hop into the pot where my lemon tree grows - it's a wonderful way to start the day.

Style Tip

Never underestimate the value of a a good pen and notebook to record your daily tasks, notes and musings. Having a good looking pen and note pad can make your desk feel more professional and productive.


Yolande Botha - Digital Editor

‘I’m usually the kind of person who will just pop off a few emails from the couch or finish an article I am working on at the dining room table, but since we’ve been working from home, I wanted to create a little space in my small space that is especially dedicated to work. This way I still get to feel like I can switch off at night when I walk the ten steps to the lounge or kitchen,’ (laughs).

Style Tip

Colour coding can go along way to keep your desk looking inspired, neat and stylish. Sticking to two or three colours allows you to bring in different objects to pique your interest without cluttering and distracting you.  


Garreth van Niekerk - Senior Story Edior

'The best part of the study I work from is that it has a door that blocks out the sound of whatever else is going on in the house so that I can focus when I need to. I think a good chair helps with good writing, and that by keeping the decor in the space minimal you'll be less prone to distraction.'

Style Tip

If you are the type that likes to work in coffee shops make yourself a corner where you can peer out the window for inspiration. Keep the decor simple and just add your favourite coffee cup and a few blooms. 


Ishani Chetty-  Story Editor

‘Although I do not have desk to create the aesthetically pleasing work from home space that my heart desires, I have made sure to create a cosy and comfy space to work from. I am (nearly) two weeks into working from home and have found an abundance of nooks and crannies in my small apartment to work from (including the floor as sometimes this is where I most feel creative), however, the couch seems the best fit (and by that I mean a non-couch potato kind of environment)' (laughs). 

Style Tip

If your desk is the couch or bed, zhoosh it up by adding a decorative pillow and throw. Add some books to make yourself feel like you are in work mode, not couch potato mode!


Greer Krige - Key Account Director

'I’m lucky enough to usually work from home when I’m not on the road seeing clients. Because I love nature I set up my workspace in my favourite inside spot where the greenery of the wallpaper and plants make me feel as if I’m outside even when I’m slogging away at a proposal indoors!'

Style Tip

Eye-catching wallpaper like this one from Hertex is such a wonderful way to bring in a lush feeling if you are not very good at keeping indoor plants alive. The feeling of abundant greenery will help induce a sense of calm during these stressful times.