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@home Unpacks Five Decor Trends For Spring

With @home’s Spring-Summer 2019 products due to be unpacked in stores soon, we reveal all the retailer's predictions for the season’s top decor trends.


Decor Trends | House and Leisure

The @home SS19 range is about to land in stores across the country.

With the overall theme of ‘Untamed’, the new pieces reflect a lifestyle of adventure, where indoor and outdoor living are one and the same during this summery season.

From linen and tableware to patio furniture and scented bathroom luxuries, these new products invoke a sense of holiday homeliness where nature is a main attraction. 

These five spring 2019 decor trends can be shopped in store soon:

1. African Alfresco

Decor Trends | House and Leisure

The freedom of an African summer is all about dining and entertaining.

Chairs with woven backs, textured dinner sets and elegant cocktail glasses set the scene for a season where friends and family gather around bars and tables celebrating good times.

2. Wild Ocean Blues

Decor Trends | House and Leisure

Look out for homeware drenched in a palette of rich, deep blues.

Inspired by coastal voyages and summer cruises, crockery and scatter cushions splashed with cobalt, sapphire and azure make eye-catching statements in dining rooms and lounge areas alike. 

Decor Trends | House and Leisure

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3. Exotic Escape

Decor Trends | House and Leisure

Keep the holiday vibe a constant in your space by using exotic touches in your decor.

Fabric prints depicting flora and fauna bring the outdoors in, making rooms feel like they are part of the natural landscape. Add aromatic candles and basketry for even more of an exotic twist.

4. Curious Collections

Decor Trends | House and Leisure

Show off your personal sense of style and penchant for fun with a specially curated display of objets.

Think cool stationery sets, noughts and crosses, and solitaire game boards, as well as decorative animal figures. 

Decor Trends | House and Leisure

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5. Natural & Raw

Decor Trends | House and Leisure

Natural stone, genuine leather and forged metals make a show of materials in your space.

The inherent textures and patterns they create allow them to add layers of interest to your lifestyle, be they part of trays and planters or as larger statement pieces such as coffee tables.

For more information about all of these decor trends and to shop them online, visit the @home website.
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