Home Style With Trevor Stuurman

Trevor Stuurman, South Africa’s globally acclaimed creative wunderkind, invites us into the colourful, Afrocentric world he has created at home in Joburg.

Elsa Young, Trevor Stuurman
Trevor Stuurman | House and Leisure
A portrait of Manthe Ribane taken by Trevor Stuurman for the Black Panther global premiere takes pride of place in the living area of his home in Sandton, Johannesburg.


From his beginnings as a street-style photographer documenting South Africa’s most fabulous cool kids; to becoming a cover star of magazine titles like GQ; and recently being tasked with taking official portraits for the likes of the Obama family, Beyoncé and Naomi Campbell, it’s beginning to seem like there’s nothing Trevor Stuurman can’t do. 

But far from the fashionable world he lives in, his home in Johannesburg is a relaxed escape from the bright lights and flashing cameras – albeit one just as colourful, pattern-laced and Afrocentric as his famous imagery.

Trevor Stuurman | House and Leisure
The perfect spot for afternoon naps, surrounded by an array of African pieces, and a watercolour portrait of Hugh Masekela by Nelson Makamo over the fireplace.
Trevor Stuurman | House and Leisure
The leather couch is from Weylandts, as is the standing lamp that illuminates a trolley from @home, which is piled with art and fashion books. 



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The Kimberley-born photographer and creative director’s Cape-Dutch inspired cottage is located at the end of a long, leafy driveway in Morningside, Sandton, where its thatched roof is covered year-round in a layer of fallen pine needles.

Watch a video of Trevor Stuurman at home here:

Sunlight streams into the cosy space through the windows onto zebra hide rugs, illuminating walls and shelves lined with a growing collection of artworks by friends and longtime creative collaborators.

The works by artists Esther Mahlangu, Manthe Ribane and Nelson Makamo are among Trevor’s most treasured possessions, he says, reminding him of their time together, and each person’s place in his life. 

Trevor Stuurman | House and Leisure
The master bedroom is resplendent in Ndebele motifs, with a mural by Esther Mahlangu crowning the bed. A quilt from the former-KwaNdebele area complements a bedspread from Trevor’s grandmother, while a bust by Mahlangu is adorned with a handcrafted harness from Kenyan brand Moyo by Bibi.


‘Esther is like a grandmother to me,’ he says. ‘Our relationship started when I was commissioned to shoot her for a film project, and I got the chance to stay with her. Over time, our relationship grew, with us collaborating on artistic projects and me taking close friends to meet her whenever I could so that they could learn from her as well. Living with her work is very special because Esther doesn’t see what she makes as art, but as a way of life. I take those lessons from her, and I try to live with my own art now as a daily practice.’

Trevor Stuurman | House and LeisureTrevor Stuurman | House and Leisure
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Trevor explains that his home’s decor came together organically, and that there isn’t one strict guideline to his aesthetic choices. 

‘There wasn’t a moodboard or anything. In fact, I never thought about decorating,’ he says. ‘This is the first place I moved into in Joburg, and it has given me the room to play more and to include my travels into my interiors. I’m a pan-Africanist, and very pro African, so I source a lot of inspiration from the continent, which I think comes across in the space. But most of all, at home, deadlines and disappointments don’t exist, and that’s what makes it important. It’s a space that I fully own; a world that I created for myself.’

Trevor Stuurman | House and Leisure
Trevor is known for his pattern-rich self-portraits. This photograph was taken in front of a work by David Brits...
Trevor Stuurman | House and Leisure
... and this one was snapped in Cotonou, Benin. They are just two of the many great shots in Trevor's Instagram feed.



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